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Q6700 Overclocking Trouble

Discussion in 'Processors and motherboards Intel' started by danielwaldner92, Aug 6, 2013.

  1. danielwaldner92

    danielwaldner92 New Member

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    nVidia GTX 560
    Hey Everyone,
    I'm having trouble overclocking my Core 2 Quad Q6700 2.67 Ghz.
    My System Specs are as follows;
    EVGA 780i SLI Motherboard
    OCZ SLI-Ready PC-6400 RAM 4x2GB
    EVGA GTX 560
    600Watt PSU
    2x 500GB Seagate's in Raid 0
    Windows 7 Ultimate x64
    Aftermarket Air Cooler. Temp wont go over 45 running with 100% Load at stock settings.

    I have tried Overclocking both with the Bios settings and the Nvidia Control Panel. Nothing has been successful. My Rig either freezes and crashes or simply wont boot up.
    I did manage to get it running at 3.175 Ghz for a time but due to stability issues i had to revert to stock settings.

    Would anyone have any experience with similar spec machines? a couple pointers would be awesome.

    Bear in mind that everything works perfectly at stock settings.
  2. Fender178

    Fender178 Ancient Guru

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    GTX 1070 | GTX 1060
    Here is a guide that might help you. It helped me when I OCed my Q6600.

    There are things that lead to unstable system after OCing. Such as OCing the memory speeds to high due to that you are adjusting the FSB speed in which the memory & processor is tied to. Or not enough CPU voltage or Vcore to sustain an OC. In your case I think it is the OC of the memory speeds is what causing your problem. Or your RAM does not like to be Overclocked.
    Last edited: Aug 6, 2013
  3. Xman01

    Xman01 Active Member

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    Gigabyte 1070 Mini
    Did you try multiplier at 9.5 and memory at 333? The guide that Fender mentioned is good.

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