Q6600 scores way down with SisoftSandra 2009

Discussion in 'Benchmark Mayhem' started by BCC335, Sep 28, 2008.

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    XFX GTX 285/Evga GTX 480
    Anyone else getting the same results? After installing the new SisoftSandra 2009 my CPU Arithmetic Dhrystone ALU MIPS score has fallen a lot.

    Before installing SisoftSandra 2009 I was using SisoftSandra 2008 v.12.34. My CPU Arithmetic Dhrystone ALU MIPS score was 45085mips(Sisoft Q6600 avg 43371mips).

    After installing SisoftSandra 2009 my score has now dropped to 41658mips(Sisoft Q6600avg 43589mips). Using Sandra 2008 my score was well above the average.

    After installing Sandra 2009 my cpu is well below average and subpar. Anyone else get the same results with the new Sandra 2009?

    Just wondering if this is a symptom of my rig or an across the board bug in Sandra 2009?

    Can someone running a Q6600 post their Sandra 2009 arithmetic score?

    Tks :)

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