PS3 help, streaming media from external usb drive on pc

Discussion in 'Consoles & console games' started by the_4ork, Oct 2, 2009.

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    so after having my ps3 for like a year and a half now... i just realised i can stream media on it...

    i oringally bought it for the blueray player, but i occasionally play a game or two on it, i use my pc mostly for that anyways... im a mouse and keyboard kind of guy (first person shooters) rather than a stupid thumb controller


    ive realised i can load videos (i have the whole 5 seasons of lost on my computer) and watch them on my TV in the living room wirelessly!!!

    only thing is, the videos are on a seperate hard drive than what windows is installed on...

    windows is on a 37GB raptor drive, and everything else is on a 1TB usb external....

    So... how do i set it up so the ps3 can see whats on my external?
    i have a broken leg right now and its very tiring going back and forth from my room to the living room to do trial and error to get it to work

    can anyone help me?

    only way i can get it to work right now is if i load the video i want to watch into C:\Users\Public\Videos

    then go on the ps3 and look at all videos it finds them...
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    What about connection the external HDD via the USB port to the PS3 and copying them right on to the PS3 HDD, then watch them from the PS3.

    I'm assuming the external HDD has its own power supply, and remember to press the triangle button on the the joypad to see whats on the external HDD.
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    Best thing to do is create a VIDEO folderon the drive and oput the vids in there, the PS3 will only recognise vids if they are in a video folder, caps and all.
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    install the latest software update for ps3 its 3.01 i think
    connect your ps3 to your pc router(wired lan works best i tried wireless but its like a slide show)
    add the videos you want to stream to ps3 to the videos folder in windows media center
    in windows media center options give permission to share content
    in ps3 menu go to media server and open all videos
    thats it now you can play the video files on your pc through your ps3
    (not all formats are recognised though)
    if you want you can use a convertor on your pc to convert videos to format recognised by the ps3

  5. KEZZA

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    just plug it it via usb but it has to be a fat32 partition
  6. Nafta

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    Ps3 media player

    PS3 Media Server is a DLNA compliant Upnp Media Server for the PS3, written in Java, with the purpose of streaming or transcoding any kind of media files, with minimum configuration. It's backed up with the powerful Mplayer/FFmpeg packages.

    Current features

    Ready to launch and play. No codec packs to install. No folder configuration and pre-parsing or this kind of annoying thing. All your folders are directly browsed by the PS3, there's an automatic refresh also.
    Real-time video transcoding of MKV/FLV/OGM/AVI, etc.
    Direct streaming of DTS / DTS-HD core to the receiver
    Remux H264/MPEG2 video and all audio tracks to AC3/DTS/LPCM in real time with tsMuxer when H264 is PS3/Level4.1 compliant
    Full seeking support when transcoding
    DVD ISOs images / VIDEO_TS Folder transcoder
    OGG/FLAC/MPC/APE audio transcoding
    Thumbnail generation for Videos
    You can choose with a virtual folder system your audio/subtitle language on the PS3!
    Simple streaming of formats PS3 natively supports: MP3/JPG/PNG/GIF/TIFF, all kind of videos (AVI, MP4, TS, M2TS, MPEG)
    Display camera RAWs thumbnails (Canon / Nikon, etc.)
    ZIP/RAR files as browsable folders
    Support for pictures based feeds, such as Flickr and Picasaweb
    Internet TV / Web Radio support with VLC, MEncoder or MPlayer
    Podcasts audio/ Video feeds support
    Basic Xbox360 support
    FLAC 96kHz/24bits/5.1 support
    Windows Only: DVR-MS remuxer and AviSynth alternative transcoder support
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    If your system is already set up to share videos, all you need to do is include your video folder on the external drive in your list of shared media. I am on Windows 7, but I think Vista worked the same. Go to the folder and right click on it. At the top you have an option called "share with" where you can allow other units in your network to access the folder.

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