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    I recently had my basement refurbished and am in the process of making myself a home theatre down there. It’s a perfect space – big, dark and with no soundproofing issues to worry about. I just need to get in there and take up space before the missus builds a programmable dance floor down there and turns it into the lamest club in the world. I wouldn’t mind but she won’t even let me build a bar down there :bang:

    Anyhow I’ve been looking into getting hold of a good HD projector online and have discovered the Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 5030UB.


    It looks smart, seems to have good reviews and should be more than good enough for my uses - watching movies and playing games. I thought it would be good to check with the folks on this forum first though. Does anyone have any experience using this projector? Are there any issues when using it? Or can anyone recommend an alternative for around the same value and quality?

    Thanks in advance for any help you can give me
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    I know that all Epson products are good. Many people say....)
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    there are many things to consider, would this be your first projector? if so why not get one with LED lamp from the start, I would certainly do that and many current owners probably would agree, I would also steer away from "portable" units
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    I have been put off Epson about 6 years ago when I bought a new projector with 4,000hr bulb life.
    They barely lasted 1000 hrs and thats with brightness flickering too.
    Epson didnt do a recall, they gave out free bulbs for the 1 yr warranty period. Getting them to even acknowledge the problem was hard work, they fobbed me off a lot.
    I tried to return it to the shop but they refused, so had to threaten legal action.
    They took it back on good terms, I gave them a pro rata reduction for the time it was used.
    But they couldnt do anything with it after that and were really worried because they sold a lot of them.
    Everyone who bought one had a lemon after the first year warranty and 2000 hrs use was done.
    It would have cost me between £600 and £1000 a year in bulbs to run it!

    Another company to be aware of is Optoma.
    Many of their projectors are now filterless.
    I have the HD131x and its a nice projector with decent bulb life. It was mounted on the ceiling.
    Toward the end of the bulb life a warning to clean the filter popped up.
    Optoma said the error should have been disabled in this projector because it has no filter and gave me a firmware update to apply.

    After 4500hrs I changed the bulb and noticed how much dust there was inside but didnt want to void the warranty by opening it up and cleaning.
    Not long after there was an almighty screeching noise which would periodically start and fade away sometimes.
    I often had to shut the projector down to make it stop until it became permanent.

    Optoma said it would be £170 to fix.
    I pointed out it still had a warranty under UK law but they flat refused to honor it.
    So I stripped it down, cleaned the unhealthy amount of dust from it, found which fan had failed and bought one from America for £14 with free shipping!
    It wasnt a simple job, the fan is right in the heart of the projector and its quite delicate.

    Its clear the projector detected a lack of airflow before the end of the first bulbs life because of the message asking to clean the filter.
    Yet there isnt one.
    This projector is not designed to last much longer than 1 bulbs life.

    Unless you dont mind open heart surgery on your projector, avoid Optoma.
    Sorry I dont have any good stories yet.
    Waiting on cheaper 4K projectors before I buy another.

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    Let her build a dance studio, that is my advice.

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