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    A few tips to help the success of your posts and visits to the programming forum that one expert told me..

    Here it ism hope it helps

    1. when constructing a post or reply, and inserting code into the post, be sure to place CODE vbcode tags around the text block. You can do this either by pasting the code inside the box after you've clicked on the button above the message edit field that looks like the "#" sign, or you can type [CODE*] place code text here[*/CODE]. -Remove the * from this example. -Note: the use of the code tags will cause the items to display in a fixed width font and preserve line breaks, in the case of a rather long line of code it WILL NOT wrap to the next line but cause the browser to scroll the line off the screen, use the browser horizontal scroll bar to see this line

    2. check the box for "Disable Smilies in This Post" to keep the forum software from displaying : ; and ( ) marks as smilies

    3. state which programming language (and version if applicable) you are using.

    4. state which system you are programming for or on, compiling errors are often specific to a system or compilier.

    thanks for viewing
    suggestions and comments are welcomed
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    I vote for a sticky.

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