Processor, HDD and memory problems

Discussion in 'Processors and motherboards AMD' started by Pirates, Dec 20, 2004.

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    Help me choosing this :

    AMD Barton 3000+ or Barton 2700+ or Sempron ? I have a small budget and i think the differences between Barton 3000 and Barton 2700 is not significant, its that right ?

    DDR PC 3200 or DDR PC 2700 CL2 ? Does its have big performances differences ?

    120 GB PATA or 120 GB SATA ? Does its have big performances differences ?

  2. WildStyle

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    Barton 2700+ ? If you meant comparing 2800+ to 3000+ then no the difference is not significant.

    Go with PC3200 since they are the same price and PC3200 is the minimum people should be buying these days. It would also give you the headroom to OC if you wanted, and would futureproof you a little if you bought an A64 for example.

    Go with SATA. The speed difference isn't all that, but they are about the same price and soon PATA will be phased out by SATA anyway. Also the smaller cables are a bonus compared to normal IDE cables.
  3. Lostfaith

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    go a barton2700+, or better yet a mobile barton2500+/2600+

    barton has 2x the cache of a sempron, and mobiles are low voltag & multiplier unlocked chips too! = lots of potential overclocking with a good cpu heatsink/fan
  4. Royicus

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    You don't want to get a Sempron. Semprons are made to replace the AMD's Duron line, and those aren't good performers. You would be better off getting an Athlon XP, Barton core. Also, like Wildstyle said, get yourself some PC3200 RAM. It doesn't really cost more than PC2700, so you might as well. CAS latency 2.5 or 2 is fine, 2.5 is cheaper though. A lot of the time you can just run 2.5 at 2 (I do) and it works fine. But if you don't overclock, buying "performance" ram isn't a good investment.

    And yes a SATA hard drive is a good idea. Better cabling mostly. Nothing else is really different, performance wise. You can tell if a drive is different from it's RPM rating mostly. Higher RPM's usually mean faster seek times, which results in better performance. 8MB cache is good too.

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