Problems with OpenGL acceleration !!

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    I got a Geforce 2GTS + Atlhon 800 and a Sound Blaster 128Bits.<br>
    Here's my problem :<br>
    When I play a game that use OpenGL (Quake3, UnrealT...), I got little freeze (randomly but only stay 1 second), I don't have the problems with D3D programs (Max Payne Run perfectly ! no frame drop or freeze).<br>
    I have tried every Detonator or Drivers for my Geforce, nothing work, I always have this problem, if I check my IRQ, the only think that my Geforce is Sharing is the PCI Sterring or the USB (Randomly when I format my HardDisk !)<br>
    Can someone help me ?!<br>
    Thank You !!!!!!!!!!!!
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    u mean like.. 150fps for 5secs, 30 fps for 0,5 secs.. and this keeps going on?

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