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    Plese help this bald old newbie fool - <br>
    I have a new sound card a Hercules XP Game Theatre - my problem is that my speakers are Cambridge Desktop theatre DTT2200 (creative) - now how the heck do I get these rival vendors and their repsective products to work together. The problem seems to be the speaker system is designed to have a feed straight from a sound blaster card and the XP looks as though it needs speakers each with their own amplifers - have got a 2 speaker system working fine (with the rear, central and sub woofer out of the loop) <br>
    have I lost the plot, got the wrong connectors or just bought two things which as the saying goes, never the twain should meet.<br>
    Any advice would be much appreciated.<br>
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    Abit GeForce 3
    there has got to be some kind of cable you can buy for that amazing stuff of yours<br>
    a optical ?

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