Problem W/Riva and games

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    16GB Trident GSkill 3200
    hello, im sure this is completely due to a fault of my own, but Riva Tuner prevents GuildWars 2, Elder Scrolls Online, and Minecraft via. Curse Launcher. Im sure other titles are reproducing the same issue.

    I had the problem after immediately launching said title. it would go to launch and then close the program completely probably detected as a 3rd party software. After endless Google searches yielding no help but only more of the same problem, i checked my taskbar for stray processes i could pinch incase it was a firewall issue.

    SO. Long short of it is if your games dont launch i guess you cant run Afterburner and RivaTuner.

    Any update or fixes for this problem in the future?


    idk why my specs are messed up to the left
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    RTSS and OS version?

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