Problem setting higher FAN speed, 8800GTX

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    I have been freezing in game with only a reset button way out. I loaded NVIDIA nTUNE and appear to have high GPU temp.s, removed the card, cleaned it, and thought I would also use RIVA Tuner to speed up my fan. Here is what I have found so far.

    My 8800GTX is idling high 50's C, and runs well into the 80's C in game (I play COD4...a lot). My fan speed is running at 675 rpm, by NVIDIA monitor.

    I down loaded Rivatuner 2.07, and searched for a tutorial.....several are out there, or in this forum. My problem, is when I go to driver settings, customize, video card, fan tab...... my defaults all say 112% ?? I sure don't understand this.

    What gives, and what do I do ? How does 675rpm GPU fan speed, compare to other GTX owners ?
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    I have 8800 gtx card. I use low-level fan control. Please see for some information you may find helpful. v207/208 is set up somewhat differently in regards to triggering your fan profiles (scheduler), so be aware of that.


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    MSI 8800GTX @ 621/1566/972Mhz
    Those temps are not bad for a GTX. Mine idles at 65 and reaches the low 80's under load and it's completely stable.

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