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    MSI 440GT 1GB DDR3
    Hello. I have purchased a Sapphire 6670 DDR3 GPU . The problem is as follows :

    Mass Effect 1

    this game runs on very low fps , the movement is clearly lagging. The thing is, I know my computer is well abome the optimum specs for this game even for Mass Effect 2 , and OK even for Mass Effect 3 ! I removed the drivers that came from the CD and got the latest online. Still nothing improved. The weird thing is that if I lower the in-game settings, nothing happens, it runs exactly the same as on maximum settings with movement lag, and low fps ( not sure how many ) .

    As a side note Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 is the only other game I tested so far and it runs perfectly on maximum settings !

    I play on 1280x1024 as it is the maximum resolution of my monitor and I don't even need more.

    So please help me to get this game running smooth! It's one of my favorites and I can't go on to ME2 and ME3 without it.

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