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    Hi there, the above error appears on my screen when I try turn on my PC.

    Let me tell you a bit about my components

    450W PSU - Powers ON Fan spins
    Motherboard - Green light appears on it, turns on through switch, power up but does not reach bios.
    CPU - Not sure if it is faulty or not like other stuff
    GPU - Was working when took out last build.
    HS&F - Fan spins
    HDD - Makes noise
    CD / DVD Drives - Make noise
    RAM - Not sure

    I suspect my CPU is at fault but is there a way to check, I do not have a speaker cable with my X-Blade PC Case :(.

    Kind regards,

    Chris :)
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    I don't think your systm is getting far enough through POST to enable your VGA controller, hence 'no signal detected' on-screen. Are you running a 450W PSU? If so, that will be no where near suffient for your rig, 600W or greater is required. Are you getting any audible 'beep' error codes? Other things to try all the power cables connected ATX and 12V for mobo. Try re-seating the CPU and RAM. Let me know how you get on, and good luck!
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    Allways check your cables first! Your monitor isent gatting any signal from your graphics card, the pc seems to boot normaly. Check/swap cables going form your graphics to your monitor first then try using the "source" button on the monitor to see if the monitor is trying to gt a signal from the wrong input. The gfx card probably has two outputs on it, try connecting the monitor cable to the other output/reboot/press auto on your monitor.
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