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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Makalu, Feb 10, 2009.

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    EVGA 1070 GTX
    didnt want to make a thread on this but this pc has a cooler master 600w 80 plus

    can it handle a 660ti?
  2. vejn

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    Configuration is:
    Core i5 3350P
    MSI gtx 660 RETAIL
    WD 500 GB
    MSI B75MA-E33, s1155,D3,S3,U3,HDMI,GL
    Power Supply SILVERSTONE Strider ST50F-230 AC 180-264V, 50/60Hz, DC 3.3/5/±12V, 500W, Retail, Active PFC, 1x120, Efficiency 80%

    80% of 500W is 400W

    Pc is for playing on ultra 1900*1080.

    Is PSU enough?
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  3. Pill Monster

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    It's a decent unit, where are you buying from?
  4. alanm

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    RTX 4080
    80% efficiency doesnt mean it only delivers 80% of its rated power, it should (any decent PSU) deliver its power in full. A 500w unit with 80% efficiency means that it would draw 600 watts from your wall outlet.

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  7. sykozis

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    Asus RX6700XT
    You won't see full performance from either of them without upgrading the rest of your system but yes, the power supply should be able to handle either.
  8. nikolaaaa

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    Ofc, but the system will be upgraded next year..Except the gpu.
  9. PhazeDelta1

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  10. IcE

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    Lol, through that I found out that Seasonic doesn't actually have the UL cert on some of their units for some odd reason. It's certified in the database, but the number isn't on the power supply.

  11. PhazeDelta1

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    Mine doesn't have the label on it.
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  12. -nvm-
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  13. Dirtydiscos

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    Help with dual power supply spitter

    Hi all, I've just got a dual power supply splitter to run my second lot of mining cards but when I connected it to the motherboard and the two power supply's my computer click to turn on and turn straight back off again.:(
    I've checked the pin config and all seems ok. The two wires going to the second power supply are going to green ps on and common.

    I really need help on this one. I have a asrock h81 pro motherboard, one corsair rm 1000w psu a rm 750w psu.
  14. Citizen47

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    Great thread, just one advice for Psu costumers out there, buy a modular one, you wont regret it. its fantastic. You only have the wires you need no extra stupid wires filling up somewhere. :)
  15. rong

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    Hey guys,

    I'm thinking of upgrading to a 770 based on my specs below.


    But I read something about amps and rails for needed from my powersupply but where can I check those?

  16. elijahk

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    PSU with no fan connected


    I'm thinking of replacing the fan of my PSU with a more silent one. If I connect the new fan to the motherboard connector, and leave the psu fan connector unused, will the PSU still work as normally, or would it prevent startup because it doesn't detect any fan connected to it?
  17. Agent-A01

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    4090 FE H20
    Should just work normally. Maybe in the very expensive platinum psus they might have a fan sensor but i doubt that CM would have it.
  18. sykozis

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    Asus RX6700XT
    If the PSU uses a PWM fan, it's likely to overheat if you don't run the fan at full speed at all times, since the PSU won't be able to regulate fan speed.
  19. elijahk

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    thanks for the replies guys

    I should have mentioned that the PSU is an Antec Neo Eco 400M, which is a cheap model.

    I don't think it will overheat because I'm going to profile the fan according to system load.
  20. pedroo

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    For the love of god, never replace the fan of a PSU. Don't even dare to touch anything inside the PSU, if have have no clue. There may be still some load left, even if it wasn't used for hours.

    Unless you monitor the temperature inside the PSU all the time, you can never tell if the new fan is sufficient. Do yourself a favour and just buy a better PSU with a good stock fan and don't risk a house fire.

    And don't recommend people to change their damn PSU fans....

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