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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Makalu, Feb 10, 2009.

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    ty for the info
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    MSI 2070S X-Trio
    550w will definitely be plenty if its Corsair, got one handling my rig with ease, great PSU's. :)
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    hey guys im new... would like some help please.... which directions should my fans be facing? should front blow in, back blow out... n the side??? thanx
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    Great work, very good post!


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    I'll be in the market for a new PSU in the coming months, and was wondering peoples opinions on the following two:

    Corsair HX-750:

    Antec High Current Pro 750W Power Supply HCP-750

    I realise the AX750 is better than the HX750, but its also more expensive :) both of those power supplies are the same cost.

    Also, if I did go for an AX750, what benefit would it give me over a HX750 or the Antec? I would possibly also consider the TX-750M as well, but that isn't available yet (its a modular version of the TX-750V2). I'm definitely looking for a modular type supply.

    Before someone comments on the prices, they are in Australian dollars, which makes the prices even worse since the Australian dollar is worth more than the US at the moment! that store has pretty good prices, the reason why some things are more is a case of supply, demand, competition, and realisation in the Australian market! (realisation is they can supply the importers to Australia with a higher price and it makes no difference to the amount of sales).

    I've had the current power supply for several years (hard to say how long, I've forgotten)! I got it when my previous power supply blew on the saturday of a long weekend and it was a bit of a rush buy. Its served me well though, I have my computer on 24/7, do a bit of gaming, lots of video encoding etc, and its been great so far! however, thats not to say I would trust it with a brand new Bulldozer system, hence my enquiry :)

    A power supply and case are two things which people should buy to last several systems builds, not just one. So, when I buy this power supply I want to make sure I make the right choice so when I upgrade to a HD7000 and even HD8000 later, and a second gen Bulldozer etc, I won't have to buy again just to be 'comfortable'.
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    I am getting very clean and stable voltage with HX850. I think AX is little bit overkill. Both AX and HX comes with 7 years warranty. So unless you can't find better usage for 50-70$ go for AX.
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    Cool thanks! thats what I was thinking. On closer googling of the Antec, its not that its a bad power supply, but the hx-750 probably nudges it out.

    Also, what is the difference between EPS v2.91 (HX-750 etc) and V2.92? not that I think it will make any difference to me, just curious.
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    Being 80Plus Gold as well as Antec's premium grade, HCP-750 is supposed to compete with AX750, not HX750. I don't know how the prices are in Australia but HX750 is supposed to be quite a bit cheaper than HCP-750. Either you're looking at an expensive HX750 or a cheap HCP-750.
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    EPS version changelog:

    Posted design guide

    Remove references to common and split 12V planes.
    Added higher power levels up to 800W.
    Reduced holdup time requirements to 75% of max load.
    Added cross loading plots.
    Added option for tighter 12V regulation.
    Add new SSI efficiency requirements (recommended level & loading conditions).
    Increase 12V rail currents.
    Tpwok_on max time reduced to 500msec.
    Change 5VSB to 3.0A for higher power levels.
    Added reference to PSMI spec.
    Modified SMBus section (FRU and PSMI) to 3.3V with 5V tolerance.
    Modified 240VA section; removed common plane, change to <20A for all 12V outputs.
    Updated sound power & airflow requirements
    Add SATA and PCI-Express GFX connectors
    Updated efficiency testing method

    Increase 5V current to 30A and combined 3.3V/5V power to 160W for the 650-800W power levels. Increase 12V1/2 current for 550W-600W power levels. Relax require regulation limits. Added optional regulation limits.

    Fixed error in 3.3V and 5V loading at higher power levels. Increased 3.3V/5V combined loading to 170W.

    Higher power levels; 850W, 900W, 950W for dual GFX and 16xDIMMs. Increase 5VSB capability for 4A and 6A options. Add 12V5 and associated connectors. New efficiency specs. Update cross loading requirements; lower 12V min loading.
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    Ah ok! thanks for that Morbias. I guess Corsair etc haven't seen the changes with v2.92 necessary for the normal lines of power supplies...

    Thanks Lehtv, so if the prices are the same, the hcp-750 would be the better choice? and yes, they're the same price. Like I said, some companies take advantage of Australia in terms of supply and prices, I guess Corsair is one of them. This is beyond any influences the stores and taxes etc may have.

    Antec seems to be quite well priced here, all things considered.

    The thing is, I can get the Corsair HX-750 locally for the same price as online, but the HCP-750 I can only get from online. I have no problem getting it online, sites like pccasegear are no problems! - I'd probably combine it with other parts I can't get locally or cheaply (-ish).

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    Nice thread Makalu. i have a weird problem, with regards to my power supply, and i believe your the best person to ask this, i hope you hear me out.

    ... two years ago, i bought a Corsair Hx620 psu, then after exactly two years of use, a problems occur, at first sometimes it wont give power to my seagate HDD (1tb) my main drive. then sometimes it will be on for a while then my pc will restart on its own without any warning, or BSOD, until, it finaly broke, when i power on it will just keep on restarting every second. so i declared it dead.

    ...after 2 months, i bought a new Psu, a coolermaster gx750w. along with new mobo and cpu, a gigabyte z68ma-d2h-b3 and i3 2100 sandy bridge. the 1st thing that i did was, i tested my declared dead corsair in my new rig, just wanted to make sure that its really dead, and yes it was, with my new rig, it still keep on restarting. so i just installed my new psu, and everything went back to normal... so i thought...

    ... after just 3 weeks, my new psu (coolermaster gx750w) is having the same issue, with my last psu, sometimes it will be on for a hour, or 30 mins, sometimes even for just 2 mins, then it will restart on its own, without any warning or BSOD, i also noticed that my cm gx750w fan is not spinning anymore.! i did evrything again to test whats wrong again, i removed my rig from my case, switch power outets, also tried to put just the mobo and gpu powered, but still it will restart on its own if not instantly after a while,.. i was really frustrated. then i come up a theory, that maybe there is something wrong with our electricity.
    so what i did, i brought my entire rig to my friends house, in a different town, i even brought along my previous psu (corsair hx620w). i set it up, my rig without placing it in a case, i tested my corsair hx620 (the one i declared dead), and guess what, it worked fine, but only for a while for maybe about 20 mins, then it keep on restarting again. 2nd, i tested my cm gx750w, and yes, it worked fine also, with its Fan spinning again, and did not restarts for hours, even while were stress testing it.
    i brought back my rig at home, and yes it keep on restarting again, with or without a AVR. and the fan, it stopped spinning again. i dont trust that even i call our local electrician, that solution wont be permanent.
    ... so here is my question... WHat Should I do now ?? :bang: :bawl: ..
    i also dont trust AVR now, if i use a UPS, will it solve my problem?.. i will wait for your advice... thanks in advance...

    here is my current rig:
    Cpu: i3 2100 sandy bridge
    Mobo: gigabyte Z68MA-D2H-B3
    Hdd: seagate 1 tb barracuda
    western digital 160 gb
    Ram: 1x 2 gb corsair 1333 ddr3
    Gpu: inno3d nvidia geforce gtx 560 ti
    Psu: coolermaster gx750w
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    Very interesting FAQ. Very helpful globally
    Thank you.
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    Hi, it's the PSU Guru of OCN again.

    Rosewill's been making a big comeback in the PSU market for a while now. They had a rough start, but for the last three years they've had almost entirely quality power supplies in their line-up.

    This new unit here happens to be internally identical to the OCZ ZS-550, manufactured by Sirtec. Same power supply, but modular and with a different housing. And available for significantly lower cost.

    At time of writing it's the best value modular PSU series on the market. There are better units out there, but not for this cheap.

    Cons: Not many to speak of. You could spend 20-40% more for a higher-end Antec, Corsair, Silverstone, etc, which might be worth it for serious enthusiasts. But this is almost as good as the enthusiast level parts and for a mainstream price.
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    guys this was apparanty member jellysheep with a double account. Take this post with a grain of salt.
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    This is actually a straight copy/paste of a Newegg review I made. The impersonator doesn't seem to have misconstrued my views too much, although I am still reading through his posts. It seems he really wanted to pretend to be me, he wasn't just trying to tarnish my reputation... although if that really was his goal he made a good attempt at it.

    I am also now unable to post. Sigh, suppose I'm semi-suspended until they can check out my legitimacy? Or something.
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    Anti-spam detection routine kicked in ... you are in the clear and the previous posts are unlocked.
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    My Tt toughpower suddenly died. Yesturday i have bought brand new Corsair TX750 v2 PSU. But unfortunatly it has faulty fan or fan controller. It's way too loud, and can be audible even in the next room. I'll try to return it to the store tonight. And here comes the question. Wich PSU should i go for?
    1) Chieftec BPS-950C 950W, Nitro modular 5100 rur ~130 euro
    2) Corsair HX750 W ~120 euro
    3) Enermax Naxn 82+ 750 W ~130 eur
    4) Zalman XT 770W modular ~140 eur
    I'm looking for quiet PSU, wich will be able to handle fx8120@~4200 Mhz, CF 2X6950 (stock), 2HDDs (7200rpm) plus 1 SSD , 1 PCIe sound card, 4 case fans and the other stuff. Personaly i'm about to chose Corsair over the others. So what do you think?
    Thanks in advance
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    Great work on your FAQ.

    I have a question though, I didn't see them in the "Brands to avoid" list for PSUs.

    But what are FSP brand PSUs like in terms of quality?
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    In the Channel Well Tech PSH platform, the LC Power Hyperion 700w is really a 600w power supply. The 700w is the peak load, just like the 850w is a 750w.
    I have it powering my pc since 2008 and didn't know much about power supplies, otherwise wouldn't have gone with it. Also, the fan is noisy and prone to failure. Was vibrating a lot for the last 1 or 2 years. 2 months ago it became unbearable so had to replace it with an Aerocool Shark fan.
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    I never thought I'd see the day when I was drooling over a power supply and it's "features". They're just there... turn on the pc with it... either works or it doesn't... not anymore.
    I'm stoked to see the new eVga supps coming out. Monitor and configure all sorts of stuff via usb, has a trick for starting up without the 24 pin connector plugged in, can switch between single and multi rails...

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