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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Makalu, Feb 10, 2009.

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    That was one of the things I noticed about the OP850, "precision manufactured by robotics". The OP850-P does not mention this, so this could be one of the PSUs made by hand? Is there a way to recognise an Impervio? IE: Model numbers? Distinctive PCB?

    There are a few others I like, such as OCZ Z Series, but they are unavailable in Australia.

    And, after a look through the 80+ list, only a couple of PSUs I can recognise as being "reputable" have been given a Bronze or higher rating, and they are 1000Watters.

    How about Gigabyte Odins? Do they have anything special?
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    I'm not sure if I'd read too much into the absence of the "made by robots" in the P model marketing info or not. Haven't seen a label shot but the interior is the same Impervio design. The units assembled at Etasis use the same components as the ones assembled at Quasar IS and really if you had to pick another OEM for the job then I can't think of a better choice than Etasis...they have a long history of building sturdy industrial/server grade units. Anyway, the label would say made in China instead of Taiwan if that is the case but again I've not seen a label yet for the P's.

    Possibly the only company not fudging with their 80+ samples in Enermax but I have other issues with them....namely about half of their models turn out to have fatal design flaws that take awhile to show...time will tell.

    Gigabyte Odin GT with the software control is special yes...it's the only PSU that puts the unit where we want it. Under the supervision and control of the computer like every other component instead of being something apart and untouchable. They weren't marketed well at all...if they had perfected the software bugs before releasing the units and could lower the price a bit I think they would have sold like hotcakes and other OEMs would have jumped on the bandwagon. I still think in the future this will be the norm though.
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    thanks makalu for the info,

    i need to know if i need a new power supply cuz i am deciding to change from 8800gts512 to gtx285, my current specs r these

    abit aw9d-max (i975)
    8 gb ram
    x-fi extreme music
    dvd -/+ rw
    2 seagate baracudas
    intex 600watt power supply

    should i upgrade or not?.....
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    Can someone help me fine a 8pin cpu power extender cable please in the uk :)

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    I'm not familiar with Intex brand PSU's and could only find specs on this "450W" one here:

    http://www.intextechnologies.com/we...Computer Peripherals&subcat=SMPS&subcat1=SMPS

    That's an outdated design and over-rated by about 100W so I'm not very hopeful for the 600W version but if you can give me the information off the label on yours I'll let you know what I think.
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    Quick Question

    I'm guessing my psu could handle a 3 gpu ? (8800GT)

    i will be folding 24-7 well mostly.
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    yeah that wouldn't be too much for it or excessive
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    Cheers i picked up the HX850, The coolermaster would take up to 5 days to come that was to long of a wait for me lol.
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    Where does that recommendation come from?
    Most PSUs are the most efficient at about 80% load.

    A great place to research PSU quality is
    as they examine PSUs in realy little detalis (literally) and properly test their real power and efficiency.

    For example you can find why OCZ ProXStream 1000 W is a PSU to be avoided at all costs (overheating and noisy voltage) and that Zalman ZM600-HP 600 W is a great PSU that can deliver up to whopping 740W just fine and is over 80% efficient all the way from 20% to 100% load.
    The Zalman is the one I'd get (and actually the one I'm getting).
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    That recommendation comes from me it would appear. You're not going to see any significant difference in efficiency between 75% and 80% load.

    I've read all of Gabe's PSU reviews...thanks. The Zalman 600 is a decent group regulated PSU...one of the better FSP Epsilons but we have seen some problems with those and the newer high-end cards due to the 16A OCP limits.
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    Well as I see there in test it's 25.5A drawn from +12V1 and 17.5A from +12V2 so I'd say it's plenty.

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    no that's not right...it's a four rail unit and Gabe's Sunmoon tester is only designed for two rail units so he has to combine connectors from different rails. You can see his OCP results on the next page which were 18A and that's been a problem. The other 600W Epsilons OCP limits vary between upper 20's and lower 30's and those work fine with the high end cards.
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    Okay, I have no reason to argue.
    BTW: Gabriel's a badass! He should test the PSUs using his Tae Kwon Do, there would be no mistakes then!
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    ASUS RTX 2070
    Hi Makalu,

    This is my current rig,

    C2Q Q9550 @ 3.40Ghz,
    ASUS P5N-T Deluxe [780i Sli],
    OCZ 4Gb 1000Mhz Sli Ready Ram,
    Gigabyte GTX285 oc to G-675, M-350, S-1537. [Default G-648, M-1242, S-1476].
    Western Digital Caviar Black 500Gb,
    Sound Blaster X-Fi Xtreme Audio,
    Cooler Master CM690 Case,
    Cooler Maaster Real Power Pro 850W,
    Samsung SyncMaster P2350[1920 X 1080].
    Windows 7 64 Bit.

    I want to update my power supply for a simple reason that i cannot manage the cables properly. They are spread everywhere in the case.

    Since I am gettin a good deal for Cooler Master Silent Pro M700 psu how good is this psu for GTX 285? Can it handle my rig? Also im not going to Sli in the near future. The amp rating for that psu is 50A.


    I wont be getting rid of my old psu, it will go in my office rig.

    Please help asap.



    [Sorry i have no time to read your whole thread but you have done an awesome job.]
  19. Makalu

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    yeah the M700 will handle your system just fine
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    ASUS RTX 2070
    Thanks Makalu, the psu is on its way. Will let know how it performs.

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