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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Makalu, Feb 10, 2009.

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    Yeh it seems that the corsair is well underratted in how much wattage it can pushout.
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    So, it would be enough? I mean as I said I'm not planning on using 8600GTS all the time only when I wanna play some game with PhysX, also is 8600GTS enough for PhysX?
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    Yeh and Yes.
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    I like this thread. Explains EVERYTHING about PSUs pretty well.

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    it started out ok but modern GPU's don't draw near as much amps as he thinks (8800GTX draws ~11A) and they don't get all of their power from one rail in a multirail PSU either ...these should be listed as two of the myths since it's a common misinterpretation of the GPU retailer PSU recommendations
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    Well yeah, in regards to the 8800GTX think he was referring to Nvidia's listed requirements.
    And, yeah that is a myth, since there really isn't any such thing as a true retail multi-rail PSU, just 1 rail split up into multiple circuits, but for everything else, it's pretty comprehensive.
  7. Makalu

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    erm well look at what he's saying

    if I OC my 8800 Ultra it draws ~17A max gaming or graphics benchmarking...my entire system will just barely top 30A if I OC the CPU and GPU, run Orthos and Furmark and burn CD's and access hard drives all at once. My PSU measures amperage btw and I've verified it's relative accuracy with a clamp meter.

    The thing about multirail that he has wrong isn't the fact that most PSU's have one 12V source...it's where he says look on your GPU box and see how many amps it needs and if that number is greater than any of the individual 12V rail OCP ratings then the PSU will fail.

    That's just not true...the amperage number posted on the GPU boxes isn't how many amps the GPU draws...it's a recommended PSU 12V combined rating and for powering the complete system and includes a good deal of overhead. And also as I said even if you did need that many amps just to power the GPU it's not all coming off of one rail in a multi-rail PSU. It depends on how the individual PSU model is wired...how the motherboard is wired...and also possibly just which connectors the owner decides to use. GPU's get power through the slot and that could be coming from the 24-pin, the CPU connector and/or an additional molex power connector...could be three different rails right there. Then the external PCIe connectors aren't necessarily all on the same rail as any of the other connectors above nor are multiple PCIe connectors always on the same rail...it just varies alot.
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    RTX 4080
    I dont think the guy knows what he's talking about. He seems to have just read up on basic PSU info and derived his own conclusions without much experience:

    Bollocks. I've used a PSU with 33amp 12v rail with a C2D, 8800gts, 3 drives, several fans and no problem whatsoever.
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    If that's supposed to be a vague attempt at making a point then about all I can say is none of them will work well with your laptop.
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    Makalu this is spam, just spam. :)

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    ah I see...glad it's been removed then since I responded to it...thought it was a troll
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    Just had a major issue with my psu it was an akasa850w. built the pc about 2months ago, only thing i didnt update was the psu. its only about 8months old so thought id be ok untill the 4890x2's came out and id be forced to upgrade it anyhow.

    so sat playing eve on thursday and out of the blue came this almighty bang and the pc went off. tried a few things, fuses etc and nothing from the psu or pc. picked up a cheap 850w just to see if the psu had taken anything with it. now when i turn the psu on, power is getting to the mobo, but as soon as i hit the mobo's power switch the psu and cpu fan take a short spin and stop. the mobo shows no signs of any damage but there must be some.

    once i pcik up a new mobo will be looking for a high output psu, needs to run 2 4890x2's as well as hd, cdrom and dvd writer. thought about the 1500w xclio greatpower

    just wondered if anyone knows what its like and if its up to the job

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  13. Makalu

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    you may just need to clear the CMOS jumper to get it to power up...don't think I'd just assume that the motherboard is damaged though as it could be other things. If CMOS doesn't work then remove any data cables from the mobo and all cards except the GPU and RAM and see if it'll power up or beep at you
  14. Zebs

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    already tried to clear cmos. have tried powering up with just the cpu fan and ram attached, still looks like its starting then just dies off after a split sec, no beep.
    the board show no signs of any damage at all.
  15. Makalu

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    ah ok...well need to make sure the replacement PSU is ok...see if it will power up and stay on by itself by jumping the green wire on the 24-pin to ground. Beyond that there's not much to try other than mobo and CPU outside of case and just one stick of RAM I forget to mention and if that doesn't work then yeah it's probably the mobo.

    The XClio Greatpower 1500 is pretty much the same as a Thermaltake Toughpower 1500

  16. Zebs

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    am i right in thinking that the Xclio 1500w Thermaltake 1500w and Xigmatek 1500w psu's are basicly the same?

    also are they just rebadged or made using cheaper parts etc?
  17. Makalu

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    well they are all a little different and I'm not familiar enough with the 1500W units to know what the differences are between the TT and Xigmatek and the XClio's are a bit of an unknown at all the wattage levels. Generally the Xigmateks are trimmed out nicer than a Toughpower and better grade caps but lower grade fan and noisy fan controller settings. As near as I can tell the XClio's are built the same as a Toughpower except has a wire fan grill instead of stamped out of the housing but they skip some quality control steps on XClio day at the factory and the incidence of DOA and infant mortality in the first couple months is higher.
  18. Zebs

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    Thanks for the reply, ill spend teh extra £20 and get the Xigamatek one over the Xclico. last thing i need is anymore psu issues.
    the psu being fauilty kinda makes sence now looking at everything thats happened. the pc that it was in before this one had 2 hd failures and the board is now back at gigabyte being repaired for an odd fault of not being able to see gpu's that are plugged in.
  19. Makalu

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    yeah I would too...the only XClio Greatpower I've seen the insides of is a 750W model and the TT version has like 5 more quality control stickers inside and out and also three permanent ink marks on the three heatsinks that may indicate something being checked on the TT that isn't on the XClio. Did notice a higher number of problems with the XClios right from the start too...not bad or abnormal number really but higher than seen with the TT's given that they've sold a lot more of them...anyway g'luck
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    Hi, I searched on google and on this forum but couldn't find someone with a similar situation. Then some users told me to reply to this thread.

    This is my problem: whenever I plug try to start my computer, there is a squealing noise that lasts less than a second coming from my PSU and the computer doesn't start- a few things turn on for an instant but then it goes quiet. However, when I disconnect the PSU from the motherboard and jump it there is no squealing and the PSU is able to power all of my case fans and the DVD drive.

    In short: connect PSU to motherboard = squealing, jump the PSU = no squealing.

    I tried disconnecting everything, leaving just the motherboard and HD connected normally and the same squeal occurred.

    The last time my computer was on I was testing an overclock with prime95. I checked on it after 20 minutes, left, then came back 20 minutes later and the computer was off. Temperatures were normal and safe after the first 20 minutes.

    Here's my current setup:
    5200+ Windsor
    MSI K9A Platinum
    XFX 4870 1gb
    Thermaltake Purepower 500W
    2GB of Corsair XMS2 DDR2

    I'm thinking that this is either PSU or motherboard/CPU related. Has anybody else experienced something like this?


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