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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Makalu, Feb 10, 2009.

  1. elijahk

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    when I did the operation the computer was left unused for 1 month. 1 month!
    And the new fan has much higher airflow than the old one, so there is no risk of overheating. I've been running the psu with the new fan for a long time now. No issues so far.
  2. Freek

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    Hey. Going to buy a new PSU, my crappy Corsair VS550 was bought only for temporary use.
    In my country the EVGA Supernova GS550W is in a good price.
    Is it a good psu?
  3. chiadretti

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    great faq
  4. JasmineJas

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    In a quick read through on PSU's - I didn't see a mention of ripple, which you will not see under no load, but jumps out and bites you at say 75% lading or more. This matters! Sorry if I missed seeing it elsewhere, but it is an issue and easy to check with a meter, or better, a scope.

  5. Mannerheim

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    MSI 6800XT
    MY PSU seem to be failing. Reboots under heavy load and boots with blank screen, only 1 white marker on screen. Need to shutdown power for SPU to restart computer.

    Ordered new one so hopefully problem will be fixed.
  6. DAW40

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    There is good quality PSU and cheap ones. The prices should tell the story.
  7. Lucas

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    ASRock Phantom 8GB
    Thank you, great help.
  8. alanm

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    RTX 4080

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