Power Supply Failure

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    The power supply works, turns on and works well, values of voltages well and stable, but after a while, days weeks, it gives a flaw that the system reboots or freeze, even it refuses to power on anymore at all when i power off. When that happens, after a while I reinstall it and it works as if nothing, then again after several days or weeks, or months, it starts with the same failures and its the same cycle, sometimes i leave it unplugged and after an hour or so it powen on like nothing have happened. Do you think its reparable? Anybody knows whats going on? I know that buying a new one is always a better choice. This is the power supply https://www.hardwaresecrets.com/cooler-master-elite-power-400-w-power-supply-review/ Thanks in advance ;)
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    what makes you think its the psu?

    you can get this sort of behavior when an overclocked intel processor crashes on some mainboards.

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