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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Lorenas, Apr 11, 2013.

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    I have problems with my current PC's power. When I turn it on it's spins all fans for a second and turns off then. I bought all new parts recently and it's not my first PC that I assembled, but for very first time I have this kind of issue. First I thought it my PSU fault, because when I connected my old PSU it was working fine. So I sent it to RMA, and I've got a new one, connected it all connectors needed, but problem persisted. But this time when I connected my old PSU (Chieftec 750W) PC powers on for a second and then shuts down. As I understand that there is a short circuit some where. I have my old motherboard, so I've plugged EVGA PSU to it, and it boots up. I connected only motherboard and CPU cable. So, I assumed that's mobo issue so I sent it back to RMA. Now I am waiting for new motherboard, but strangely after I assembled back my old PC it was working for me for a while. But this morning it started causing same problems. I have no ideas what could it be, so maybe you have any ideas what's wrong there.
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    Beep code? That would be most useful to know in order to help you.

    Check all cables and conections, every single of them. Sometimes even unpluging the pc from power can solve a problem (a temporary one that is).

    Try boot with a single ram stick, and do it again with the rest of the sticks. Given that the system is new, check for the memok led in the motherboard, you might need to push the button to successfully boot with stable timings.

    Check carefully the chassis connections. I found that (example), swaping the power with the reset cable cause the pc to not boot.

    Take out the gpu and try to boot using the onboard graphics.(z77 right?)

    In the meanwhile try every thing your good sense tells you. That´s how we learn and - in your case i bet - the problem is something so small you´ll be punching the table in rage.:wanker:

    Good luck.

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