Potentially 100000 customers from Razer see their data leaked

Discussion in 'Frontpage news' started by Hilbert Hagedoorn, Sep 15, 2020.

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    Most surprising thing about this is that that many people buy directly from Razer.
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    my first razer started with the deathadder 2013 which of course double click problems, after that da elite which of course double clicks after that i needed an mmo good sensor mouse so i bought the naga trinity and ive loved it until right click wasnt usable anymore cause of the double and triple clicks it gave and that was in just 7 months... i mean come on it's a 100 euro mouse ffs after that i said screw it and looked for something lighter and got the g-wolves skoll mini and it's an amazing mouse
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    Shame is that they are forcing use to register to use their mouse utilities. Register and login into such application really make no sense, unless they want to collect email addresses..
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    Gmail also sent me a msg , someone tried to login into my gmail account. Thx razer.

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    What you mean it doesnt make sense?did you read their updated agreement?it states that they now collect your private data and cooperating with police,if they find any illegal data they gonna report that to police.Looks like razer cheap out on server security where they stored all data.Doesnt matter,i am deleted that spyware with new agreement
  6. Talk about betrayal to your clients (customers)
    Probably.... fingerpointing.... contention, and termination(s) to come...

    If you are surprised by that then you would REALLY be surprised by how many really buy direct. The only other vendor we would honor at the time I worked there (as I recall) far as our Warranties etc was Amazon (it had to have Amazon listed as the seller and or Razer via Amazon) New or Renewed.

    • I am not aware of if this is still a thing but Razer used to have some pretty good recertified deals available direct via their store on their website
    • Likely to be a class action lawsuit pending as Razer cannot guarantee the entirety of the security on all/every server wherein customer data is being hosted.
    • What is confusing me is it was also accessible via a search engine...
    • Does that mean it was there long enough to get port sniffed, indexed?
    • It's odd that it was showing up in commonplace search engine hits (I mean people usually vie for placement I thought?)
    • Almost makes one wonder if it was deliberate or just involved a series of really bad choices, people not qualified to be involved in the process of securing sensitive data.
    • Either way, a security audit of all systems couldn't hurt.
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