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    MSI GTX 970 4GB
    im on a 3770k delidded, clocked to 4.6 on a z68 fatal1ty board,

    was considering upgrading my 970 msi during christmas to one of three cards

    1060 6gb
    titan black 6gb
    1070 vanilla 8gb
    980 Ti

    or just going 970 SLI and saving a couple of hundred

    for sub £300 on the preowned market, which would be most viable bang for buck, compared to the 970. reading many reviews i cant really decide on which would be the best value per performance, or would it be best to skip a generation and wait for the next lot of cards?

    also considering my 3770k would any of these be bottle necked?

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    1660 - 2130/10ghz
    A 980 ti or 1070 would be the most modest upgrade depending if you could find one £300 or less.

    It goes:

    gtx 980 =~ gtx 1060

    gtx 980 ti =~ gtx 1070

    The titan black i wouldnt bother since anything newer than it is more power efficient.

    Look at 1070's then 980 ti's then 1060's in that order, depending on what fits in your budget.

    CES might have something to show for Nvidia's next GPU architecture, but im personally waiting till they embed HDMI 2.1 ports before i upgrade.

    And no, your 3770k wont bottleneck these cards.
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    MSI 1660 Ti Ventus

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