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    22" LCD on GTX260 C216
    What I want is not a crossover for a speaker box.
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    The only reason an active crossover could be considered less good than a passive one is because you need to have more amplifiers.

    Literally everything (and I mean everything) is better using an active setup. Power handling, damping, crossover point doesn't move as stuff heats up, efficiency...

    You can also tailor the amps to what they're doing. A lovely 20W class A is a great option if it's only running an efficient tweeter above 3k...

    Also you don't have to buy a bunch of expensive and inevitably crap inductors ;)

    It'd be one thing if you could just use resistors and caps, but inductors just suck. They're expensive, fragile, the most non-ideal, susceptible to outside noise, huge...the list goes on.

    I'd strongly consider going active with your project. It could work out cheaper than a mega complex passive network anyway - and you can re-use it for another project later if you choose...
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    Got my Schiit Lyr amp today. It's my first amp so I was curious to hear if it was better than the Essence ST's integrated amp for my HD650.

    Indeed there's a big difference, the HD650 is coming alive like never before with much more energy and impact in the sound.

    Currently I'm running 1x2134 and 2x2277 Burr Brown op-amps in the Essence ST, nice boomy tubey sound.

    The cable on the HD650 is a Kimber cable that makes the sound sharper/punchier.

    The Lyr came with a nice quality 1/8" to RCA cable, unfortunately I need RCA to RCA to connect to the ST's line-out so I'm using a cheap 1/8" to RCA adapter with the included cable.

    - I wonder if SQ will be better with a high quality RCA to RCA cable?


    Nice orange glowing tubes :) So far I'm happy with the amp, sounds fantastic with the HD650 and it's good to know it's future proof with it's 6W in case I eventually decide to upgrade to another headphone like the HE-6.
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