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    ok could this be your problem........

    .i found something out by accident to day while installing a graphics driver on vista ultimate,now when i set up my account a set it up in my name, so now it shows two accounts ,my account which has full admin rights, and the automaticly generated admin account.now when i installed the driver first time i right clicked on the instalation and choce admin account, once it installed i just clicked on the game icon to start the game, now the game ran crap totaly unplayerble, so i exit the game then i right click on game icon and choose “run as administrator”, game starts up and bingo the game full speed.

    i then uninstalled the driver, but this time i didnt right click on it and choose run as admin, i just clicked to install, which means it installed under my name.
    once installed i just clicked the icon and the games ran great.

    now if you want to test this yourself and you have your own account do this.

    just click on icon to start game , set graphics settings to something like 1280/1025 and save ,then exit game right click on the icon and run as administrator, go check your graphics settings ,you will see thet they have all been reset............strange i know.
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    Not strange at all. Every game nowadays store its configs on user´s Documents folder. When you execute it using your account and configures it, the settings will be stored at the folder the game created under your user's Documents folder. When you click "run as administrator", the game will get the settings at the Administrator's Documents folder (since its running under the Administrator account now, not yours), thats different than your user's.

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