Poor Performance in 'Exclusive Fullscreen' mode

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    I have been playing Thief (the new one) for the last few days and I was a little disappointed with the performance that I was experiencing.

    Last night, I read a tip saying that I should disable 'exclusive fullscreen' (leaving regular full-screen enabled). I did this and Thief now runs smoothly with absolutely everything cranked up to 11, including max SSAA and FXAA.

    (To be fair, the framerate wouldn't cut it back in the days of Quake III when vsync wasn't a thing and we all wanted impressive frame rates our monitors couldn't possibly keep up with, but on today's terms, it's eminently playable.)

    In the early days of gaming, windowed mode always ran slower than fullscreen mode so I assumed that exclusive fullscreen would be advantageous. I was wrong.

    After some digging with Google, I understand that the reason behind the performance gain is because, in windowed mode (borderless, maximized or windowed full-screen or whatever you want to call it) vsync is done by the operating system's compositing engine and not done the old fashioned way.

    Surely this speaks volumes about the ****ty implementation of vsync. in nVidia's drivers?

    Or, perhaps, it shows that you do not, in fact, need to slash the frame-rate into whole fractions of the monitor's refresh rate in order to implement vsync?

    Now... on to another topic which is like Skyrim with lag: Skyrim on my Alienware 17 is absolutely pathetic. Outside, while looking at foggy, watery, foliage-rich, heavily shadowed scenes with tonnes and tonnes of detail and a draw-distance that's rather impressive, the game runs perfectly smoothly. Inside or under-ground, while looking at a low-poly-count blank wall, it lags to all hell.

    I noticed some similarities, here. Thief (with exclusive fullscreen enabled) would lag only when looking at rather simple geometry in more or less the same way. The lag even felt the same. Another similarity: turning vsync. off in both games solves the lag. (I didn't like the tearing, in Thief, and, due to Bethesda's useless physics engine that *requires* a frame rate less than 60, turning vsync. off in Skyrim is not an option.)

    Could Skyrim be running in 'exclusive fullscreen' mode? If so, is there any way to get it to run in borderless-maximized-full-screen-windowed mode instead? (Perhaps, without buggering the ****ty physics engine?)

    I have tried all kinds of hacks like disabling vsync and capping the frame-rate. They do not solve the problem in Skyrim which makes me think that I don't fully understand the issue, yet.
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