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  1. ive just recently built a new system, did the usual hunt for best drivers and searched forums etc etc, but still getting the same crap frame rates with every graphic setting on full at 1152*864. i think it may be the refresh rate as on call of duty with the above settings it'll slow right down to 15-20 fps when using sniper scope on outdoor scenes, im using the latest rivatuner but the refresh rate does'nt seem to be working (anyone know of a better refresh fix app?). ive yet to use the latest c-o-d hottfix, doing fresh install first...so....too the point, im fairly new to ati drivers and ive been reading mixed response's about them all, so whats the best for stability+performance? im using catalyst 3.7, latest intel drivers, dx9b, can anyone shed some light on this dissapointing system?

    system specs...

    pentium 4 3.06@3.4
    1gb pc2700 mem
    msi 865pe neo m/b
    120gb maxtor hd
    HIS ecalibur iceq 9800 pro 128mb
    19" viewsonic g90f+
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  2. COD from what I understand does require the hotfix. There is also a button that needs to be unchecked in the Displays tab after you click on your monitor. I'm not at my house right now but it is the only round button with a check in it. When you go to the displays tab click on your monitor. The check is in the lower middle right. Cant remember what it is called but it will allow you to overide you refresh rates once unchecked. Again, however you will need to beta Catalyst 3.10 on the frist page of this forum to get COD to work correctly.

  3. nice one for the help wicked, but im having trouble finding the button! is it the monitor attributes button - use ddc information? thats the only button thats on its own, or is it under the advanced tab - synchronization composite button?

    cheers for the help
  4. Yep the DDC is the one. Once you uncheck it it gives you opitons for refresh rate overides.....


  5. i think i've got it sorted now, theres that way you said, then theres the override switch in dxdiag (but no opengl fix) & ati refresh rate fix, so gonna see if that works....failing that i'll probably be back....
  6. jlw

    jlw Guest

    Is it woriking propertly now???
    Will buy a iceq next week.
    Are you plesured with it? :)

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