POLL: Working from Home, salary reduction.

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Would you accept a pay cut to work from home?

  1. Yes

  2. No

  3. Depends on how much of a pay cut

  1. Netherwind

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    I don't really take this personally but you're very persistent in selling this idea which I'd like to know the reason for.

    A couple of questions:
    I don't think that everyone is replaceable as easy as that. Years of experience weight very heavily and don't forget the cost of bringing in another person, training that person, having a new person work slower in the beginning and so forth.

    I'm slightly offended that you don't think I need a shower though :D That was a joke. Well, what if a person lives very close to work?

    I personally use my car for other things than commuting to work and I don't believe I'm the only one.

    Once again assuming that it takes two hours to get to and from work.

    Sure, if all of this is true for one individual then yes, he/she would save time and have generally better life. But my point here is that I as an individual would save time if I live far away from work and only use my car for commuting, and this has nothing to with the employer in any shape or form. If I choose to live close or far from the employer has no impact on my contract, right? I mean, why would it? The employer doesn't care where I live and if I do live quite far away then it's really just my problem since I would have less free time.

    What the employer can do is let a person that lives far away and has to take the train for 2hrs a day work from the train and come/leave 2hrs in total earlier every day. But that's not really an inconvenience for the employer just as long as the employee does his/her 8hrs of work each day, right?

    Once again, I don't see working from home as a benefit for the employer - there are jobs that can be done 100% digitally and from any location.

  2. Loobyluggs

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    I think I got them all listed...

    1) No one is being replaced.

    2) Then, their original neg would have yielded less importance placed on recouping the cost of travel and, probably vehicle ownership.

    3) Then you will use it much much less, to the point you may even trade it in, and get a smaller one, just for buying cat-food and picking up *********** :D

    4) It would have an impact on the original neg, and there is every chance you would have looked for a company closer to you than farther away from you - there is no getting away from this: Distance is time, time is money. The closer a member of staff is, the lower the chance they get stuck in traffic, and, the lower the chance they will try and neg for a higher pay packet. This is...just kinda the way things are, employers know this, and try to recruit the closer to the corporate address/place of business as possible, because a successful candidate will have less reason to look farther away for a job.

    It is, simply speaking, more appealing for someone to be on the doorstep than in another postal code, or, another town...Facebook themselves place a lot of importance on making their company a great place to work, by making the entire corporate HQ like a sort-of college campus, complete with discounted shops and marketplaces...accommodation, too. Apple (under SJ) did the same, and pushed for this, so they can hold onto staff for longer - bearing in mind that people who work at these places are typically top 5% IQ types, who are a rarity anyway, by their definition. You do what you can for the staff, and staff will do what they can to get a job which appeals to them in many ways.

    5) See=4

    6) It is mainly a benefit for the employee, but would require a new contract, because the place of work has changed, necessitating a new contract.

    I would personally see it as something you would do as a reward for someone who deserves it, should they wish to take it.
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    There is actually a suggestion going on here in Finland that it would be made a right to work from home. Written into law, if the work can be done that way. Biggest reason why this doesn't happen is old habits die hard.

    Nowhere in my contract I think working from home is mentioned nor is my traveling mentioned. Then again I am an consultant I am expected to do some traveling and doing what client wants be it at the office or not.
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