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    please help me!!! although i'm not sure that this is the right forum for my problem, i feel that the answers given in this forum is clearer than others. my problem is with my small network of five (5) computers.2 of them are pc 100/ celeron 500 with onboard video and soundcard, the other 3 are pentium III 500 with nvidia tnt2 video cards and tomato motherboards (sorry im not well versed in specs) and standard soundcards.<BR>the problem is 2 of the p3 computers hang up when counterstrike (ver 1) is being played.<BR>both of them cannot join games unless they you create a game on them and connect to other games thru console command (slist).but unfortunately, if you create a game on them,they hang up and you have to click "end task" in ctrl-alt-del then create again to be able to create a game. i think this is a video card issue since my 2 other inferior computers are running normally. i'm sorry to take so much of your time. i'm just desperate.people from CS and nvidia forums can't give me any working solution.<BR>i just tried my luck here...i hope you guys can help me...thank you<BR>
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    What drivers do you have on P3s? btw, are tomato motherboards being based on VIA chipsets?

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