Plextor M6e PCI Express SSD Gets review and is tested

Discussion in 'Frontpage news' started by Hilbert Hagedoorn, Apr 14, 2014.

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    It's an interesting comment you make regarding RAID, why do you believe it is not preferable?

    The performance V cost of storage are very good. 2x128GB SSD in RAID-0 works well and gives you v-high speeds.

    Long term storage, perhaps this has more merit? But then, long term storage is better suited to a platter anyhow.

    Not trying to start a brawl, just a comment which jumped out the page at me.
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    If I had to guess, it's because you'd lose performance on small files. RAID+SSDs only makes sense if you're streaming an immense amount of data. Keep in mind the "I" in RAID means "inexpensive", and drives like this can hardly be categorized as such. RAID works best with mechanical HDDs. Generally speaking, if you need faster read/write speeds, a RAM drive is better. A few years ago, I tested a 1GB RAM disk in linux and got over 2GB/s write speed. This was on a Celeron with single-channel DDR2 memory. Considering DDR4 will have 128GB modules and 10Gb/s ethernet is starting to emerge, I think it'll be in people's best interests to create a dedicated RAM disk computer and run PXE boots.
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    The "I" can also stand for "independent"

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    Well, that was..... Fast! :D

    Good review boss! :thumbup:
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    last page
    The Plextor M6e performance close to advertised, it can reach near 770 MB/sec reads and 58 MB/sec writes.
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    I'm actually a fan of SSDs in RAID 0. There aren't much small files on a disk these days. I've looked at my data drive (a HDD), which only contains data and some of my less favorite games:

    It contains 752,347,380,503 bytes in 507,108 files, which gives an average file size of 1,375,135 bytes.

    Then my boot disk (two Samsung 840 Pro 256GB SSDs in RAID 0), which is also used to install software and frequently used games:

    That one contains 289,481,137,600 bytes in 266,015 files, which gives an average file size of 1,088,213 bytes.

    To be fair, I've not included the page file in the calculation. That doesn't mean there are no small files (I have many small text files, being used as C++ source code, on my data drive), but to assume that these small files are the majority, doesn't hold up with averages like those.

    My two SSDs in RAID 0 using SATA 3 perform rather well, BTW. According to HDTune 1,069.5 MB/s. That is really great, because that drive is used mainly for reading.

    Also, that speed is accomplished by using two Intel SATA 3 channels and, on anything lower, it would be bottlenecked. That's not the case in my situation. Looking at the review I see that the PCIe drive is below that number. Asus made a similar drive a while back and produced similar results (give or take a little). That one is supposed to use RAID 0 internally and at the time the relatively poor results surprised me. I assume that the one in the test is using RAID 0 internally as well, because it more or less matches the Asus one.

    I'm very happy with my configuration and it is amazingly fast. Also, my two drives in RAID 0 are, besides being faster, cheaper than the drive in the review too.
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    I think that for people that are stuck with aon X58 motherboard like me this can be a good solution.
    To go higher in reading speed i have to do a 4x raid0 on sata 2 channells.

    Do you think this solution works good with x58 chipset?
  9. Fierce Guppy

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    Should be okily dokily. The PCI-E 2.0 4x slot has a theoretic bandwidth of 2GB/s ( in either direction and at the same time ) irrespective of the chipset version.

    Thankfully I won't be stuck with my X58 motherboard for long. 4 striped SSDs sounds great, but I think 2-3 would be good enough for me, or whatever it takes to get comfortably over 1GB/s write.

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