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    Ok my system specs are:<BR>AMD ATHLON t-Bird 1 GHZ<BR>ASUS A7V motherboard<BR>192 mb of pc-100 Ram<BR>voodoo5 5500 <BR>SB- LIve X-gamer<BR>ethernet netgear card<BR>running windows 98 SE<BR>OK I have taken my computer into get it fixed many times but the computer place i take it to does not seem to know what is wrong well here is my problem when i first got this computer it worked for about 2 days then it just all of a sudden started to restart while i was doing things on its on so i brought it in to get fixed and got a case fan and a 300 watt power supply and it worked for about another 2 days when i got it back now it when i try to play cstrike I will get into a game and it will just all of a sudden bring me back to my desktop for no reason at all if it doesnt do that then I will play for about 5 min and then it will just freeze UNREAL tourny also just freezes after about 2 min of play after it freezes i restart my computer and once and a while it will say this:<BR>While initializing device ConfigMG <BR>windows protection error. <BR>you must restart computer.<BR>So i restart computer and right as soon as windows loads up it automatically restarts on its on. Then i let it sit for about 1 hour and then it starts up ok so i go and try to play counter-strike again and it freezes and the whole process starts over again. PLEASE HELP ME I AM GOING NUTS!! thank you very much<BR>
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    Uh, wow, that`s interesting. First thing is to take a walk and mellow out, my dude. You say you`ve got PC100 memory, so do try PC133. Make sure of your BIOS, VIA 4-in-1, and Video drivers are up to date. Read some FAQ`s. Also start yanking cards out, first the Netgear, then the X-gamer. Replace them one by one, maybe in different slots, as well. Try underclocking your processor (say 500MHz) in the BIOS and see if that makes things a little more stable. As a last resort up the juice (BE VERY CAREFULL, DUDE!) to I/O components (and maybe vcore too) in 0.025 steps (don`t go too far over 1.7V). There are manifold things that could contribute. Different versions of CStrike are known to be unstable, so watch for that.

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