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    EVGA 980ti SC+ AV2.0 SLI
    My problem is that i run all drivers including 158.45 and if i play lost planet it will muck up and take me to desktop. Then it will tell me in a bubble that display driver has stopped responding and then has recovered and continues to do this until a blue error screen appears and vista 64 resets it self... Also the error that comes up in the bubble is NVLDDMKM, it also has corruption on screen when it does this,it also use to do this with other games but stopped when i moved the cards and installed 158.45 drivers, but my real question is this driver compatibility problems or is my graphics card cheesing up, but both do it no matter which one is primary,, i use to get this before but would like some confirmation if this could also be the cards.... look at my account to see hardware and thankyou in advance

    P.S this in single card mode, if i run sli in lost planet or cmdirt i get an error like this ERRO8:eek:ut of memory
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