Please help me upgrade on my next PC build!

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by GenerationGXX, Aug 12, 2007.

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    Look at my current PC build
    <-, that is one crappy hardware :(

    so I decided to prepare to get my new computer parts and list down on things I need most :)

    CPU: Q6600 G-0 steppings (HOPEFULLY)

    GPU: 8800GTS or GTX depending on price i get on the day i buy them (Should I Wait for 9800GTX since its comming end of this year?

    Mobo: A P35 motherboard please help me choose a good reliable P35 motherboard at because its a realy hard choice X_X

    RAM: I am not sure which pair of rams I need to get to get one of the best performance, I guess 2gb of ram should work fine, but im not sure which one :(
    6400? not sure, but its gotta be a fast one so please help me choose at !!

    PSU: Do I really need a new powersupply? I am not sure but if it is needed then I guess i can get a new one!

    Well thats basically it, please help me improve this list with your professional knowledge of hardware :)

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    Not much to add really - you've done pretty much all the work.

    As for memory - choose from the following according to your pocket. Doubtful you'll be able to detect the difference without a benchmark.

    Be aware that PC2-6400 isn't the fastest possible BUT you had best check mobo compatability. (Same as fitting any sort of memory first - see what the mobo manufacturer recommends/slates).

    Your PSU should be fine. I can't guarantee this but in theory your new rig should use a little less juice than the old one.

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