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Please guide me to resolve Lenovo Legion Y520-80wk 1050ti 4gb i7

Discussion in 'Laptops & Notebooks' started by DesireToOvercome, Feb 10, 2018.

  1. DesireToOvercome

    DesireToOvercome New Member

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    GeForce GTX 1050ti
    An on-the-way student, rookie, with intentions to extract the most out of Legion Y520-15IKBN Laptop (Lenovo) - Type 80WK - Model 80WK008UBM (Serial#PF0MTF9Z). Cuz i bought this crap somewhile ago, like half an year or so, and im quite irritated of its "capacity" either in gaming or just reviewing stuff.. And i'm getting the same performance like i used to get with my former laptop, asus rog g55vw with the 2gb gtx.. even worse, if to be exact.. I cannot fathom what am i doing wrong, so i did some digging and found out about those wicked overclocking techniques, either to the cpu/gpu but I can't skip to comment that at my former Asus, i used to successfully overclock its monitor's refresh rate with this CRU-program or whatever it was, now with this peace of crap i don't even get to choose my 3d nvidia options, like the 3/4 ot the content of the task menu is missing, also i had to manually set some games to boot thru the nvidia gpu, and still very wicked drops of fps all the time, for example cs go, at the most available low specs added, no vsync, lower resolution for example, no alisings, no antistropics, nothing at all (while the settings i've set up are according to alot of ppl from different communities, sharing about those settings that would make my gaming easier..) I had very high hopes of this "gaming" laptop, I wanted even to stream, and i tried, but it wasn't with much success cuz of my performance.. And yes, i know i can't expect much from a laptop, but srsly? Come on like 100-110 fps in cs-go ? from times to times when there isn't much of a shooting/passing by it goes to 170-nearly 200 if im lucky, but in melee fights it scales to even 65-80?? For some it's a bit normal, but cmon.. I've used to work the whole summer so i could afford to buy this.. So im appealing to u guys, pls help me out.. I'm in a desperate need to: Bypass this bloody gpu thing where it doesn't detects my external gpu, modifying my laptop from 0 to 100 (by that i mean from Registry edits, to Processes/Services, to Device Manager, to drivers, etc.) And i need everything that in your oppinion will get to be on my favour..after that i would love to get a nice guide on how to safely overclock my cpu/gpu in a way (or atleast in a way) that i won't screw my whole summer spendings.. And excuse me for the long review and story of my life, i'm just so damn irritated and annoyed.. I've red a thousand articles, thousands of guides, and still problems remain.. i think most people rly don't give a single ** about notebooks.. But im a lonely student in a long-way-from-home city, so no.. no external monitors, nothing.. just my gaming mouse and this peace of crap.. So Please guys! I'm begging for your help.. Here'r my specs.. and BIG THANKS IN ADVANCE!

    CPU 2.8-GHz Intel Core i7-7700HQ CPU
    Operating System Windows 10 Pro 1709
    RAM 8GB
    Hard Drive Size 256GB
    Hard Drive Type SSD SAMSUNG MZVLW256HEHP-00000
    Secondary Hard Drive Size 1TB
    Secondary Hard Drive Speed 5,400-rpm
    Secondary Hard Drive Type WDC WD10SPCX-24HWST1
    Display Size 15.6
    Highest Available Resolution 1920 x 1080
    Native Resolution 1920x1080
    Graphics Card Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 4GB / Intel HD Graphics 630
    Video Memory 4GB
    Wi-Fi 802.11ac
    Wi-Fi Model 1 x 1 WiFi 802.11 ac + Bluetooth 4.1 Combo
    AC ADAPTE Input AC 120/230 V (50/60 Hz) ///Output 135 Watt, 20 V, 6.75 A

    Host Name: KET
    OS Name: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro
    OS Version: 10.0.16299 N/A Build 16299
    OS Manufacturer: Microsoft Corporation
    OS Configuration: Standalone Workstation
    OS Build Type: Multiprocessor Free
    Registered Owner: Потребител на Windows
    Registered Organization:
    Product ID: 00331-10000-00001-AA715
    Original Install Date: 19.12.2017 г., 4:09:58
    System Boot Time: 10.2.2018 г., 8:03:04
    System Manufacturer: LENOVO
    System Model: 80WK
    System Type: x64-based PC
    Processor(s): 1 Processor(s) Installed.
    [01]: Intel64 Family 6 Model 158 Stepping 9 GenuineIntel ~2800 Mhz
    BIOS Version: LENOVO 4KCN28WW, 18.5.2017 г.
    Windows Directory: C:\WINDOWS
    System Directory: C:\WINDOWS\system32
    Boot Device: \Device\HarddiskVolume3
    System Locale: bg;Български
    Input Locale: en-us;Английски (САЩ)
    Time Zone: (UTC+02:00) Хелзинки, Киев, Рига, София, Талин, Вилнюс
    Total Physical Memory: 8 067 MB
    Available Physical Memory: 3 185 MB
    Virtual Memory: Max Size: 14 723 MB
    Virtual Memory: Available: 8 252 MB
    Virtual Memory: In Use: 6 471 MB
    Page File Location(s): C:\pagefile.sys
    Domain: WORKGROUP
    Logon Server: \\KET
    Hotfix(s): 9 Hotfix(s) Installed.
    [01]: KB4053577
    [02]: KB4054022
    [03]: KB4056887
    [04]: KB4057247
    [05]: KB4058043
    [06]: KB4058702
    [07]: KB4074595
    [08]: KB4074608
    [09]: KB4058258
    Network Card(s): 3 NIC(s) Installed.
    [01]: Intel(R) Dual Band Wireless-AC 8265
    Connection Name: Wi-Fi
    DHCP Enabled: Yes
    DHCP Server:
    IP address(es)
    [02]: fe80::dda0:8187:d6e8:4103
    [02]: Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller
    Connection Name: Ethernet
    Status: Media disconnected
    [03]: Bluetooth Device (Personal Area Network)
    Connection Name: Bluetooth мрежова връзка
    Status: Media disconnected
    Hyper-V Requirements: VM Monitor Mode Extensions: Yes
    Virtualization Enabled In Firmware: Yes
    Second Level Address Translation: Yes
    Data Execution Prevention Available: Yes
  2. Chastity

    Chastity Maha Guru

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    Nitro 390/GTX1070M
    Your system is based on MSHybrid, where you have an Intel iGPU and a NVIDIA dGPU. (otherwise known as Optimus) The Intel control panel controls which GPU is used for apps and games. W10 will have an update coming, as it's in the Insider's Preview atm, which will allow you to select which GPU to use as well.

    When in MSHybrid mode, most of the settings in the NVCP are disabled, since they are controlled by the Intel CP. Some gamer laptops have a muxer, which allows the BIOS to disable the iGPU and then operate as if you only have the discrete GPU. I do not know if your system has this option, as you would need to check your documentation and/or BIOS.

    What may be happening in your low performance cases is that your games are running on the iGPU instead of the dGPU.

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