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    5500 nvidia /quadro 600 unlocked?
    It's very hard to find quality software with such extensive support, tho it's very difficult to sort through various meassages that do or don't pertain to a specific problem. As of yet no ones answered my question. Just saying that theres nothing to unlock is not good enough, When someone says softquadro wasn't even possible on a 5800.. Having somthing to boost the speed of my video card has meant a job every now and then. having something done before a deadline etc. There are several very good reasons to keep software like this around. And now we have a wave of new potential in PCI EXPRESS and FSB speeds of 1ghz. truely powerful systems coming to the consumer level. I hope we have something to tweak them when we need it. Weither its for a 3d modeling presentation, movies, or getting that frag when it really counts. River tuner has been there for me.

    Having software that is compatable and stable with various v-cards has prevented me from burning out expensive equipment and has presented the knowledge of good quality parts. And what they can do as well.

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