Please do a review on the 9500!

Discussion in 'Frontpage news' started by Dead_Dan, Dec 19, 2002.

  1. Dead_Dan

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    I beg you, Guru3d, do a review on the Radeon 9500! I generally like your reviews and I would like to see the actual benchmarks done by you guys.
  2. Martys Web

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    Well Dead_Dan send Hilbert one in about 2 weeks and then give him 2 weeks to test it and write the review and he will be happy to do it for you :D
  3. fahad

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    or you could send it to me and ill give you a 3dmark wont be as thorough Hilberts but youll get a 3dmark score and oh i will keep the card too...
  4. hazindu

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    If I get one, I'll let the forum know what I think of it, and I won't waste time with 3dmark or quake 3.

  5. Dead_Dan

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    Hmm, I would have thought a big site like this would be able to just request a card from ATI for reviewing purpouses and they would send you one. Do you actually have to buy all those 9700 and 4600's you do reviews on? Oh, and I had the thing all packed up but then I saw Fahad's offer and I just can't refuse that!
  6. Ant

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    As far as i know, Hilbert gets sent various cards, but i dont think he can request specific cards. Besides, he is off on vacation now, so it wont be done till after new years.
  7. Hilbert Hagedoorn

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    They are not availble here in the Netherlands. The minute Hercules will get one they'll send one out to me.

    Availibility is a big problem with the 9500's right now.

    If you are buying one, get the pro model though ! 8 pipelines .. the normal 9500 has 4 !! It's like a castrated graphics card.
  8. Aropredator

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    castrated graphic card. LOL, my graphic card was a eunuch :D
  9. Holocron

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    Radeon RX 580
    I guess that card would be considered - impotent? [​IMG]
  10. hazindu

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    professional athoritative review

    I got an Ati Radeon 9500pro just a few days ago. For those who do not know it is a toned down radeon 9700. The difference is that the 9500pro has a 128 bit ddr interface and the 9700 has a 256 bit ddr interface.

    token brief history: Ati could have taken over the technology lead over a year ago with the radeon 8500, but the drivers took 6 months to mature and by then nvidia had released the geforce 4.

    token "the card": It looks like a video card....... Ok it is standard length but it is really tall. The pcb is red and the core is covered by a tipical puny looking heatsink fan combo.

    installation: Putting the card in the computer is as easy as putting any card in a computer. Except for an attempted system takeover, the driver installation was pretty easy. It only took me a few minutes to rid my system tray of all that ati crap and reset win media player as default.


    Dvd: After using a geforce 3 for over a year, it is great to see movies with the rage again.

    Desktop: Any modern card can handle 1024-768, so I had to briefly borrow my brothers 21 inch monitor. Whereas my geforce 3 went blurry after 12-10, the radeon was nice and sharp even at 20-15.

    Fullstream: I guess I don't watch enough porn to really care.

    dual display\tv out: tv out looked like crap, almost as bad as the visiontek geforce 3's

    Gaming Road Test

    'note, my current processor is not fast enough to take full advantage of this card'(1200mgz 100fsb)

    I play games at 10-7

    Return to Castle Wolfenstien: my processor limited performance with the geforce 3, so naturally there was no immediate difference with the radeon.

    Frame skips or loading problems: none
    corrupt textures: none
    aa af performance:not even 6xaa and 16xaf could ripple the smoothness in frame rate.

    UT2003:The bench mark only went up by 10fps(prossesor again) at high detail, but I did find I was making better shots with the shock rifle.

    frame skips or loading problems: none
    corrupt textures: none
    aa af performance: the cpu bottleneck is so great that there was no difference with 4x aa and 16x af.

    Morrowind: I got used to a laggy frame rate at 1/3 view distance with the geforce 3. The radeon runs almost twice as fast (avg 30fps) at maximum view distance!!!!

    skips, corrupt textures, etc: none

    this must be getting boring, so I'll sum it up: Every game I tried ran flawlessly.

    Overclocking: I could think of three reasons to include overclocking in this review.

    1. all radeon 9500 pros are guarantied to overclock exacly the same no matter what conditions they are in.

    2. My 1200mgz processor is not already limiting performance at all.

    3. Overclocking always makes a huge difference in performance.

    ok ok, I confess, I couldn't get power strip to install.

    anisotrophic filtering is practically free
    anti aliasing is cheap
    great for gaming
    great for dvds
    came with all the connector you could need

    video cards are expensive
    not enough bad things make reviews boring
    didn't make my penis bigger

    Conclusion: 200 bucks ain't chump change for us working class, but this thing is worth it. The radeon 9500 pro is exacly what we should expect for mid-range video card.

    note:If any one cares, I may update this when I get a faster processor in about a month and when I can spend some time with a 21 inch monitor, I will try out higher resolutions.

    For all those who actually read this, thank you(you must be really bored)

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