PlayStation 5 launches in November, starting at $399 for PS5 Digital Edition

Discussion in 'Frontpage news' started by Hilbert Hagedoorn, Sep 17, 2020.

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    Later this year/early next year is gonna so expensive for me, on my shopping list are things I do not even the price of.

    3090 (probably, mainly for vram/UE5 development) 1500
    Zen3/new rig 2000-4000
    Proart 32UCG 2000-5000
    New teevee 2000-3000 (75in)

    So, the PS5 being <500 is a comparative bargain :)
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    I am going to be getting the Digital edition PS5 because I can't see any other reason to get a disc version considering I am going all Digital in terms of games.
    Also the PS5 is going to be a huge investment for me as well as others because 825GB - whatever they take for the OS and Drive geometry is probably enough for 2 maybe 3 games at most so getting a expansion drive is highly recommended at this point. I am probably going to be getting at least a 2TB drive. I hope that Sony can pull a Microsoft and give us the option to download our games to an External USB drive for storage purposes just like on Xbox so if we want to play them we will have to transfer them back to the SSD drive. Right now I am focused on getting my RTX 3070 and then later on I will get a PS5 and then I might get an Oculus Quest 2 because I want a VR headset because there are so many cool things that I want to try with it.

    EDIT: About the LiveSteam incident that I mentioned. I was wrong. Sony did something smart with the preorders last night. They confused the scalpers with bots so they couldn't configure them properly for them to get their hands on the consoles because quite a few people got PS5's.
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    wait, games in euro, pc prices/steam got that much lower compared to other region ?
    in my region those (reference)pricing barely any different from PS4(even back to PS3)

    but then most retailer sell games lower since preorder
    example: ps4 ghost of tsushima
    reference price 7590yen -> amazon sell it for 6000yen

    especially those tripleA games, i dont think the pricing to much different from console to PC either
    lets pick cyberpunk 2077 preorder price
    steam : -> € 59.99/$ 59.99

    PS store :
    same $59.99 ... cannot find price in euro though
    that not much different eh ?

    one reason why many people still pick disc-version, i think because people can buy off 2nd-hand games cheap, other than personal preference and other reason
    so its can be cheaper than digital version

    but usually digital version price 1000yen cheaper disc-version cmiiw
    so well there are pros and cons between BD(disc) vs digital, so its back to user
    like faster preload on new release games for digital version, etc.
  4. fry178

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    yes it will.
    no crappy XB/PS ports anymore

  5. Kaarme

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    If you look at the prices mentioned in this article, they reach 79.99 euros. Or 69.99 dollars. I assume the $-€ difference is because in Europe you will need to pay VAT (though the amount depends on the country), whereas in the USA if you buy online, it seems to be tax free, if I've understood correctly.

    Anyway, MS Flight Simulator is 69.99 euros (at least for my region), and it's about as expensive as single games go. Normally for that price you'd expect some extra stuff on the side (instead MS gives you a POS engine on the side, haha). 59.99€ is more like the typical price for a new AAA game. Of the example games in the article, only one was that much, the rest were more.
  6. slyphnier

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    if we look back, the console build cost always close to retail price
    PS4 build cost was said around $381
    until they improved and cut cost with PS4 pro, it expected down to around $320 to built, and retail price is around $399 ? which still profit margin not that much
    i dont think it will be much different case with PS5

    the manufacturing process similar, the tech improved, but then again parts prices not really dropping in prices, thus it barely change the cost (if not increased from economy-inflation)
    to put simple, just look at the highest cost in parts, such those cpu/gpu/memory, will AMD willing to reduce price than before ?
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    Makes sense. The cost of manufacturing would lower over time though. Components like memory and storage do get cheaper over time, since they eventually become outdated and either easier to manufacture, or, are binned from the higher-end components. I think (I may be mistaken) that some of the later iterations of PS4 and XB1 had different model numbers for the CPU, which I imagine must have been cheaper.

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