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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Guest, Jan 27, 2001.

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    I was wondering if it is normal for my P3 to idle at like 15 degrees C, and when I play a game and alt-tab back to check the heat with my hardware monitor it has gone up to 67 degrees C. Still hasnt reached the threshold but that is a real big difference, it is a P3 733, with a Gold Orb Fan
  2. Pretty okay, however .. 15 degrees is REALLY low.
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    Gaming puts stress on the processor so the temp will go up... Just add another fan or keep ur room really cool.... Keep pc away from window(sun) and such...Keep a fan on in the room.
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    I ran a PII 450 at close to 140F (fail-rate is app 160F) and right now my Athelon 1.1ghz runs at 129F stable 24/7.<P>A cpu can take alot, until you reach break-point then it's gone. An Athelon without any cooling/heatsink/thermal - bare cpu will fry in app 1.2 seconds. You'll never even get to post. <P>As long as it stays within specs, it isn't that much of a worry. In the summer (my computer/studio etc room is 24x20 L-shaped, and is on second floor. The other room (main room) has skylights and also house is on corner - gets East-Direct South-and-West sun.<P>In the summer I have to run a 12000 btu in this room or my computer will say good-bye.<P>You have to consider all factors when it comes to heat (in the Winter its fine) but in the Summer?

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