PhysX Card Curiousness

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    EVGA GTX285
    Having my new build, I ever so carefully aligned and tipped the front edge of my spare 9800GTX+ into the nice, ready, and willing green slot that it had it eye on for most of the evening. It then married onto my board and has since become partnered as it's incarnation as a PhysX card to it's more beefier, thicker, and slightly longer GTX285 counterpart. This way it keeps the math off the big card and lets it run more free.

    Well, to get to the question, I have read that that card as with similiar spec'ed cards that it is overkill for PhysX. Plus I've read that it is perfect. I've even read that an 8800gt is overkill. So, in your guys's/girls's opinion or knowledge, what is a good spec for a dedicated math (PhysX) card? I have my 9800 up for sale here locally to offset a little upgrade cost and still want to have a dedicated math card but am a little unsure which would be a good replacement because I have heard differing stories.
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    Is there a 'good' spec for a physx card? IMO, no. I'd much rather run one powerful card or SLI. A dedicated physx card seems like putting 'lipstick on a pig'.

    Edit...I must say your post was a little 'creepy'...
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    Asus TUF 3080 OC
    Currently a 9800GTX+ is definitely overkill for just PhysX processing, but I wouldn't know what wouldn't be aside from the extremely puny cards like the 8600GTS which might not cut it. When I had an ATI card was going to buy a PCI 8600GT to see if it would cut it as a PhysX card but I couldn't find one anywhere.
    Lol, indeed.
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    8800.640MB(VOLT,Memory Ti
    If my board have 3 slots im get an 9600gt, you need an card with much stream processors to process the fisics, your actual card is amazing for this.
    Seeling this card im sugest 2 choices:
    8800 gts 320MB (You can put an excelent overclock on sharders and this have 320b bits, others cards have only 256! and the 320 MB is much more fast on GPU than 640MB version, you can get 320MB version, you dont need more than 256 MB for an physx card)
    Other is 9600 gt, not 9500 (have low stream processors - with an 9600GT you have 64 stream, the 8800 320 have 96, with 8800 you need the similar power compared to 9600, 9600 dont run soo HOT - if you cool this, the 8800 is an hot card, but, similar to your 9800gtx.
    Searsh for used cards and get an 8800 320MB, the price is excelent, and excelent card, fast, and cheaper on memory, physx dont need much memory.
    Im have 2 8800GTS 640 MB KO ACSĀ³, with hardvolt mod, and one 8600GT PCI on physx, the 8600 have only 32 streams, but, the overclock is too high, much more with pencil mod, and dont need extra psu cable!!!
    With this onfiuration an can get excelent frames on Pyroblazer,Cryostasis and others physx games, disabling the 8600 im get low frames, because im prefer SLI + physx, i dont like one card!

    If you need money sell 9800, if not, stay with that, or, go crazy and get other GTX for SLI and put 8800 320 or physx.

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    EVGA GTX 480 SLi
    IMO an OC'd 9600 GT (in which my system does have :look:) is perfect.

    Though i do stress Oc'ing it because a regular clocked 9600 GT and Mirrors edge physx arent good friends.

    ei 5 fps

    Oc'ed 55 fps
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    RX 6900xt / RTX3090
    A 9600gt its more than powerfull enough to process PhysX , i speak as per my
    experiences with 2 GTX 285SLI and a 9600GT for PhysX makes a great combo
    and the performance in PhysX games indeed increases with my set up.
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    Gigabyte RTX 3070
    slapped my old 8500gt in my system for physx,in vantage it lowers the score compaired to running just the gtx260 by itself,but in games ive tested that use physx the fps is higher with the 8500 doing the physx an the 260 doing graphics alone,its a keeper for physx

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