Phononic HEX 1.0 is a solid-state CPU Cooler

Discussion in 'Frontpage news' started by Hilbert Hagedoorn, Aug 24, 2015.

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    I have a Peltier unit, one side gets so hot it needs a heatsink, the other so cold ice forms on it after a minute or so

    Don't understand how this will benefit a heatsink, chances are the heat and the freezing temps from the peltier will cancel each other out, and ice will not be great for the PC either
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    The amount of heat exchange depends on the power supplied to the peltier.

    Less power, less exchange, less extreme temperatures.
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    *Sees article title and is intrigued.*
    *Reads article and wished they would actually explain their new fangled device.*
    *Looks at diagram and is confused; followed by laughter."

    Since you can buy a decent closed loop H20 Cooler for ~$50 these days I don't see much need for this bugger... at least not at that price.
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    Cannot remember the company that tried this already. They had like three stages to the peltier unit and had a solution, dew point calculations, to prevent condensation buildup. This just appears to be revision 2.0.

    EDIT: ChillTec produced the unit back in 2007 (monster of a unit and at msrp of $149).
    CoolIT also put out a unit in 2007, but was an AIO setup.
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    This thing appears to have a peltier unit between heatpipe layers. Perhaps they though that one part of the cooler will work well enough to go naturally, and the other should be boosted with a peltier module, so it doesn't need to move so much heat?

    Another reason for good internal results, if we completely ignore any chance of bias, is that they used 4500RPM fan. That's a lot of speed and noise compared to the other setups shown on their IGG video, effectively making their silence claim fake.

    Their profile has the most PR activity in the last month, and the oldest entry is around 1/2 year old. domain has been registered in 2011 and updated in February 2015 show some heat-related content dating from before 2015, boosting credibility, however if they slam some "2013 top 100 global cleantech" badges on their frontpage, $50k crowdfunding looks dodgy.

    1. If they have working prototypes, they should send them to entities like Guru3D, expecting superb reviews and boatloads of money from early adopters.
    2. If they haven't done that, it's a clear indication that either it doesn't work or hasn't been tested, meaning you shouldn't preorder it.

    Thermoelectric aka peltier heat exchangers have been ineffective so far. Because of that, even in environments that are suspect to vibration, like car air conditioning, conventional refrigerators have been used. There's a "known trick" that might improve peltier efficiency - if you cut it in half and put the parts in near vacuum so close that the electricity flows, but far enough so heat doesn't, then you get superb efficiency... well theoretically, as such gap is near impossible to maintain because of flex related to heat-related extension and other mechanical stress.
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    Just watched the video on indiegogo, what a complete waste of time :bang:

    No pics, no glory.
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    From ads, it seems quite attractive that small size but great performance. However, they seems to ignore the pain/pay over there, found on the comments page that "When the cooling demand is greater, the Variable Assist Cooling activates a thermoelectric module that uses 15W or 60W depending on the CPU load/temp."

    The power consumption for this cooler is kind of crazy, I would rather keep using my DH14.
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    That is pretty nuts but if it works as well as a closed loop water cooler at that size (which I highly doubt) it'd have its place in the market even if it takes an insane 60W. If it cooled well and wasn't set to a stupid price that ends up being over $200 here I'd consider buying one for my next rig.

    I'm using the same Zalman CNPS 10X Extreme which I bought in 2010 based on a Guru3D review and I get temps of 27-60C with this thing OC'd. And that's at low sound volumes (whereas on my first gen i7 rig it had to be loud as a jet to cool the OC). Thanks Hilbert for the review and thanks Intel for keeping your mounting form the same. :wanker:
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    It's funny because even if it does have a peltier cooler, at that size it would be better off not having one. Peltier coolers are very inefficient, so it'd just end up generating extra heat that would need to be dissipated. If it isn't a tec, they haven't done anything special here.
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    Up there with the 'Revolutionary' Liquid Metal Cooler from Danamics. Remember the Danamics LM10/LMX, yep lolfail!!

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