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    XFX RX480 GTR 8GB
    Hi fellow gurus.Life kept me busy from visiting the forums, but i found some time and i have some questions.
    I decided to go overkill and build my own router, to learn about pfSense and to brush off my rusty network skills.

    The build:
    Motherboard : Asrock J3355B-ITX (it supports AES-NI for future pfSense builds)
    2x2 GB of DDRAM3 So-DIMMS
    PSU: 200w picoPSU
    Storage: for now i still have to decide between cheap, small SSD or a spare 120 GB hard drive
    Case: M350 ITX
    Network card: will buy a used Intel dual or quad server grade NIC
    I bought at a good discount the motherboard.The rest is about to be purchased.

    A couple of questions:
    Is there anything i can improve in the build above?
    Anyone here dabbled with pfsense?
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    The question is what do you expect out of pfsense?

    Things like unifi USG have CPUs than have hardware offload which is generally faster and less latency than 'built' routers.

    Are you just setting this up to play with it?
    Do you have an understanding of how to setup basic functions like route tables etc?

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