Performance issues with stereoscopic 3D movie

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    I am trying to find a reason of repeting performance issue with playing stereoscopic 3D movie.

    Movie: MPEG v2; 25MBps; 1920x1080; 10 minutes; 500MB
    Player: Stereoscopic Player (hardware accelleration enabled)
    Hardware: Intel Xeon E3-1220 3.1GHz (4 cores), 16 GB RAM, Fast SSD drive
    OS: Clean Windows 7, latest drivers installed
    GFX Card(s): NVidia Quadro FX600 (1GB DDR3, 128-bit, 96-CUDA cores) and NVidia Quadro FX2000 (1GB DDR5, 128-bit, 128-CUDA cores).

    The movie is shown on two projectors (left and right channel separately).
    It goes smoothly but every few (5-10) seconds something bad happens and a small but visible interupption appears causing video dropouts.
    It's not 100% repeatible, it happens in different moment of the movie.

    I tried to diagnoze the problem using perfmon and number of other tools found (e.g. DPC Latency Checker) to check each component usage (CPU/GPU/HDD/RAM).
    Whatever counters I monitor they do not show ANY significant usage of the hardware components in the moment when problems appears.
    There is simply no single bottleneck I could identify and those which were monitored shows small (<50%) utlilizaiton of hardware.

    Switching GFX card from FX600 to FX2000 did not bring any significant change in video quality - still problems appears every few seconds.

    Any hints what could be a reason of the problem ?
    Or what to check more to find a bottleneck reason ?

    Best regards,
    Sebastian [PL]

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