PCIe x16 riser card in HTPC case

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    Hello all,

    Recently i bought an Omaura TF8 case and I want to install a full height graphic card into it...

    a picture worth a thousand words :)

    Now, I noticed it has a horizontal slot for full height cards:

    I saw that PCI-e x16 riser cards exist but dont know if they fit.
    So i thought I'd use a flexible type, but which one... (or should I)

    The one that looks cheap:

    And one with EMI shields (at least i think it is) and appears to be higher quallity:

    Do i need to worry about quallity? are they all should work the same?

    The card would be used is 8600GT by the way (no motherboard yet).
    Or should i dump the whole concept and by a low profile 9400GT instead :)
    (CPU might have heat problems due to the fact the card will be just above it)

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