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Discussion in 'Network questions and troubleshooting' started by Robox1, May 20, 2020.

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    Can you tell me which of these wifi adapters is best to connect the PC to the router?

    Sitecom WLA-7100

    FRITZ!WLAN Stick AC 430

    Ubit WiFi 6 2974Mbp/s Wireless Adapter PCI Express AX200 Bluetooth 5.0 | MU-Mimo | OFDMA | Low Latency
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    All may connect to a router.
    The ubit is the fastest one, able to do 802.11ax while the others "only" support 802.11ac.
    I know the Fritz models, usually they last very long, have good driver support and are relatively cheap.
    I had Sitecom switches once and both I had were plagued by spontaneous hangs where I had to powercycle them again. But that was back in 2008 or 2009 ...
    I don't know ubit at all, but the model you described looks OK. Intel chipset, large antennas and pcie instead of usb should give you a good experience.

    I would try the ubit model. Followed by Fritz.
    Please note you would need a router supporting 802.11ax if you want to reach the speeds advertised with ubit or 802.11ac for the other two.

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