PC version Wolfenstein: Youngblood will be released on July 25 without RTX support

Discussion in 'Frontpage news' started by Hilbert Hagedoorn, Jul 23, 2019.

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    Dont worry guys Doom Eternal is still coming. If you dont like playing with two lesbian, cringy couple that will be the game for you.
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    Number one they're sisters.
    Number two, can we refrain from posts like this? Little insensitive...
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    Did I miss something? When did characters become such a concern for Wolfenstein? I look for two things in Wolfenstein, Nazis: check, dead Nazis: also check. That said, I am fond of our boy Blazkowicz.

    As for RTX, it's becoming more of a shitshow than I anticipated. Real-Time Raytracing is a huge achievement in my mind but I'm not much of an early adopter. I am surprised though that so many games seem to be advertising RTX and not implementing it upon release, the whole thing feels like a real slap in the face to RTX adopters, by both devs and Nvidia. I mean what do they really have over non-RTX card owners? A 3DMark bench, some nice reflections in BFV, and Metro Exodus (which admittedly is a great implementation)?
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    I didnt know this game was developed by Arkane Studios. Far more interested now! As developers of 2 of my favorite games (Dishonored 2 and Death of the Outsider), I think focus will be on quality of gameplay, Blaskowitz or not. Level design will be open-ended and non-linear (like a Dishonored game) and players will have freedom to approach missions from a variety of ways. Cool!

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    Co-developed but I don't think the extent of this collaboration has been detailed though level design and Arkane doing a lot with emergent gameplay seems likely, overall there seems to be less story and more action but the demoed levels look more detailed and in-depth though what is available is sparse due to Bethesda and their marketing and NDA's and deadlines for reviews though some bits have leaked out.

    There's a launch trailer as of today though but it's the usual small bits of gameplays and cutscenes cut together.

    Will be interesting to see what RTX can do although I suspect reflections could be a key area personally but even if idTech 7 can now do dynamic shadows I guess shadow and AO enhancements might be a thing (Think it was idTech7 at least? Unless that's coming with DOOM Eternal aka DOOM 2..2) and then there's the big fun all out global illumination effect for some really nice visuals and well framerate is what it is heh but it looks good. :D
    (It's the PC version, dev time and options and it might as well be all of it although we'll see in a few weeks when they're undoubtedly going to have some trailer for it.)

    EDIT: Hopefully A.H's little deal with taking a sun symbol and inverting it doesn't cause any problems with having this embedded..eh it'll probably be fine.

    (Actual game spoiler of sorts on that subject.)
    Though for Hitler himself the developers killing him off already earlier in the timeline by B.J Blazco is a bit of a mixed bag although I suppose Death Head already doing the whole mecha bit in Wolfenstein New World Order kinda covers that.

    Hah thinking of it Deathshead starting in Wolfenstein 2003 aka Return to Castle Wolfenstein with some mid-role and then 2009 which kinda happened kinda got retconned yet not really and then again in New World Order makes him quite a recurring villain. :)

    Eh the random thoughts aren't that important.
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