PC King Kong SM3.0 Digital Download Anyone Bought It Yet?

Discussion in 'Games, Gaming & Game-demos' started by P4 Gamer, Nov 19, 2005.

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    Ubisoft are offering 4 PC versions of this game.

    1: The standard crappy looking console port (with like the demo gfx). This is also available as a download only version.

    2: The bonus movie content DVD version. Same as the std version but you get some crappy movie related marketing material on the extra DVD. Retail only and currently UK £39.99!!!!!

    3: Download only version which is the only one of the 4 to offer SM3.0 & HDR settings (X360 equivalent graphically). You need as a minimum: 2GB Ram, 6GB HD, P4 3Ghz or higher + GF6 or higher.

    I think Ubisoft are crazy as the SM3.0 version still costs UK £29.99 even though they are not having to pay for the disc + packaging. When you consider that a retailer usually takes up to 50% to stock a game you can see Ubi are getting some serious profit from this!!!

    I can see why they have done this but hope it is not the future of PC gaming charging a premium & penalising all the high end owners/enthusiasts with the required hardware.
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    No offence but are u trying to be funny?

    Just because it didnt list SM3 in one of the listings it doesnt mean the game is different, THEY DO NOT MAKE DIFFERENT VERSIONS OF THE GAME.

    I mean come on, common sense :rolleyes:
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    Actually they are different. There is the standard version of the PC game which is basically the same as the XBox/PS2 version. Then there is the Hi-Res version of the PC game which only availible via download thats basically a port of the XBox360 version.

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    I did...

    I did...out of some serious curiousity

    and you may or may not call me a sucker for it....

    But here are my honest opinions on this version of the game...

    It does look beautiful BUT it runs OK, meaning playable,( at least for me) even at its low settings .

    there are 4 settings you can tweak around with:

    AfterFX level Low, medium or high:( dont know what the Hell this does)

    Gamma- Dark medium , Light

    Vegitation Density- Low or high

    and finally, and probably most importanty..

    Texture Quality low or high

    Plus you get a CRAP LOAD of resolutions( I was running at 1232 x 692 becasue I have an Samsung 46 inch DLP and that resolution is a widescreen reso without any over/underscan)

    Now I have NOT set afterFX level all the way to Low... so im not sure how much better it would run But , in all honesty, and I know this is an odd comparison but the F.E.A.R demo seemed to have graphics that were either better if not equal and ran MUCH better..I think the faces in King Kong look better.

    One thing i know for sure that was a billion times better looking in F.E.A.R were the water effects and my system could handle that no problem when swimming/running around in it.

    Ill post back if I can tweak it a bit better

    MAybe this is a situation were another stick of Ram WOULD improve performance...

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    i don't see the big deal. you all know the game isn't all that special anyways.
  6. {LSK} Otacon

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    I think its pretty cool, i just played the demo though and the demo get boring real quick with only 2 levels that last like 2 minutes.

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