Pause Scheduler via Hotkey / Power User Entry

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    Hello Everyone,

    First of all:
    I have to thank to the devs of RivaTuner, great Software! (thanks to too ;) )

    I used the search function so i hope i'm the first with this thread.

    ->Is there a possibility to switch the Scheduler via Hotkey(s)?

    As i figured out it is possible to assign a Power User preset to a starter and acces that via Hotkey. So far.. But now i don't know if there is an entry in the Power User tab to controll the Scheduler. (If it is not, so it's a nice idea for the next release :) )

    Maybe this discussion would better fit into the advanced forum, but as i registered just yesterday i couldn't post there.

    Because i didn't want to bother you with another thread i'd like to ask a second question: I managed to make RivaTuner reduce the frequencies according to the temperature. (It's the only way to prevent my ATI Mobility! HD4650 from overheating, for the notebook posses only 1 fan i cannot control) Now the frequencies are switching on load in 1 sek intervalls.
    ->Is this frequent switching harmful in any way?

    thank you for your attention

    i hope my english isn't too bad as i'm not a native speaker
    regards, Gogo

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