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    Internet radio shows.

    A View From Space [Jan30th] {2010}

    "And now, to think that you think you have seen it all, think again ...

    And now, the latest as this incredible attack on our senses and on the Haitian people ...

    The latest focus turning to, of all things, as this scene just gets more macabre, horrendously macabre ...

    We are now shown ....evidence of grotesquely abhorrent stories that the child traffickers who are now on the island are stealing the children for their sex rings and for their organ harvesting for the rich around the world who can afford the prices for their precious organs.

    Listen ...if you think i'm wrong you're gravely mistaken, because this is not just recent news coming from Haiti, this has being going on, on that half of that island for years.

    I'm gonna take a break and i'm going to bring you the evidence,
    and i suggest, if you're saying to yourself "Oh God is he talkin' about Haiti again",
    i want you to turn your radio off and walk away because i only want a human being,
    i do not want animals listening to this show.

    I was just saying before the break, there are some people that "Oh i'm just so sick of hearing about Haiti", the person that thinks that, that person is now ready ...for the new world order, cause they are now so calloused over nothing phases them.
    Their next door neighbour could be dragged out and killed in front of them and they would step over the body and drive to work, because they have no feeling whatsoever for the other human being it's called

    "What's in it for me and if it doesn't affect me it's not happening, i'm gonna block it out of my mind"
    and then there's another part of the population that goes
    "Oh you know, i just couldn't bare to look, i just can't bare to see that, i can't look at that"

    and want to act as if it didn't happen and that these people aren't being treated this way.
    Well one day and it certainly looks like it's coming soon then it's going to be you in that position and there's going to be no-one to stand up for you to say "Hey! You can't do that to us!""

    The Spaceman
  2. ElFishoIII

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    I have gotten lost for almost whole days at a time on wikipedia.
  3. Foamy4

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    Listverse, the bizzare section.
  4. Leafblower

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    I'd have to disagree, but for me it's IRC and Guru3D.

  5. Therron243

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    I spend way too much time there at work.
  6. Arend.C

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    Playing online poker :)
  7. dark_surge

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    If I'm at home I'm doing farm chores, playing video games, or here. I used to visit a few more websites but I think this is the last sane place on the internet...most of the time. Lately though I've been spending a lot of time in a tractor pushing snow. :D

    If I'm at work I'm listening to tech podcasts when I can.
  8. signex

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    Netflix. :D
  9. elkosith

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    cheezburger network, guru3d, youtube

    I'm a teacher and usually I enter classes for 2-3 hours a day. The working hour is from 7 am to 1.30 pm. I have around 3-4 hours to kill when I'm not in class. I'm a music teacher so I don't do much paperwork like other subject teachers

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