Partition problem after Operation Failed

Discussion in 'SSD and HDD storage' started by Robox1, Jun 30, 2020.

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    I had a problem on a disk following a partitioning operation done with kde partition manager.
    It is a 256GB SSD that already contains some partitions including, the main one, from about 165 GB on which a Windows 10 is installed with some software and data, but most of it empty.
    The operation had to resize this main partition of 165 gb (dev / sda4 in the photo) by about 20GB, which it managed to do, but it slowed down a lot on the movement of this new partition. At some point the operation gave an error and stopped.
    Now I find this new partition (unallocated - unknown - from 19.53GB in the photo) which was still needed, but the main partition, correctly resized to 144GB, always turns out to be dev / sda4 but as unknown and therefore no longer as ntsf. So, I can no longer use this partition, nor to start the present windows, nor above all to read it to recover some present data.

    Do you know if there is a way to restore this partition as functional or at least as readable to make a copy and paste of some data of a folder?

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    Looks like forum engine ruined your links...
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    Sorry but my Linux experience is somewhat limited.
    But AFAIK under Linux you are able to convert partitions. But I don't remember if it was ext3/4/etc (Linux filesystems) only or if ntfs was supported, too.

    @anticupidon what do you think?
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    Sorry to hear that.
    Links are not working, so I can't see the partition table and actual situation.
    I assume that OP is dual booting, and wanted to resize and move the new allocated space somewhere.
    Now, if the main partition 144 GB is seen as unknown, there are several ways to restore the changes.
    Boot in live mode with Gparted (latest version) and invoke the restore or recovery of the said partition.
    The other way is with Test Disk.
    Both free and open source. There are paid software who can do the same.
    @386SX thanks to bring this thread to my attention. Hope I will not disappoint.
    And NTFS driver under Linux is not the latest and have full support. This is little known fact, Microsoft with all their love for Linux and still not give the latest driver and full support.

    OP try to upload the images again or use some kind of image hosting.
    Are you dual booting?
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