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    Hi girls and boys,

    just bought this card yesterday...Haven´t even run anything 3D with the card because of a thing that´s bugging me since the last Palit card that I had.

    And that´s LED lighting.
    That Thundermaster program of theirs is OK and it lets you save and set LED how you want it but if you want it to work, the program has to be set to load with the Windows every time and I don´t want that because it is messing with MSI Afterburner than.

    I have read somewhere that you can make the save the LED setting "on the card" by using EVGA Precision X1 and LED Sync . I have tried that but no go :( . I can˙t even access the LED setting part.

    Does anyone else have this "problem" and have they found a workaround for it ?

    Thank you
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    Hi, like you, I had the same "problem", and apparently you can't save the led profile on the card anymore.
    I searched for any possible solution to no avail, but I then created a workaround myself via Task Scheduler.

    NOTE: some specific terms might be slightly different since I have Windows in a different language.

    1. Do NOT let ThunderMaster start with Windows.
    2. Go to Windows' Task Scheduler, and create a new activity (best to set a new folder for this, to keep it organized).
    - In the "General" tab, give it a name and select the two option at the bottom: "Run with highest privileges" and "Hidden".
    - In the "Triggers" tab, create a new one, and set it to "At logon", for any user. On the bottom, under Advanced Options, check the "Delay Task" option, and set it to 20 seconds.
    - In the "Actions" tab, create a new one, and set it to "Start a program", and then select the ThunderMaster exe. Default should be "C:\Program Files\Thunder Master\ThPanel.exe".
    - In the "Conditions" and "Settings" tabs you can leave it as it is or uncheck every option, it shouldn't make a difference for our use.
    3. Create a bat file. It's a very easy process, I'll guide you through it:
    - Choose a directory to keep it, and create a new .txt file inside (Right Click > New > Text Document).
    - Rename this document and change it's file extension to ".bat" (if you don't see the ".txt" file at the end you just need to change a Windows Explorer setting).
    - You should now have an empty "filename.bat", right click on it and select "Edit".
    - Copy and paste this inside:
    taskkill.exe /F /IM "ThPanel.exe"
    - Save the file.
    4. Go back to Windows' Task Scheduler and repeat step 2, with two important changes:
    - In the "Actions" tab, this time select this newly created bat file as the program to start.
    - In the "Triggers" tab, under Advanced Options, this time delay the task for 22 seconds.

    You should now have two new tasks that will start when you log into Windows. One will start ThunderMaster after 20 seconds, and then the bat file will kill the process after 2 seconds. You can change the delays to suit your needs, but be sure to always set them 2 seconds apart. I tested this a bit and 1 second is too short for the program to start, while 3 seconds is going to make the ThunderMaster Interface flash on your screen before being terminated. 2 seconds lets the Program run, change the LED on your card and then close it before the interface appears on your screen.

    Let me know if you have any problem, I just tried this and it seems to work for now.

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