P.A.M.E.L.A. Screenshots

Discussion in 'Frontpage news' started by Hilbert Hagedoorn, Jun 6, 2016.

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    NVYVE notes to self:

    Spring 2016: release a few, cherry picked, down sampled screenshots.
    Holiday 2016: release a couple more...to keep it in gamers minds. Touch them up with Paintshop, don't let them see the pixels.
    Spring 2017: Release CG trailer to start the hype machine
    Holiday 2017: start thread discussions at various forums, posing as a 12 yr old talking about how awesome the game will be.
    Spring 2018: New CG trailer and set a release date
    Holiday 2018: Delay game. Release some in game footage at 4k resolution then downscale it.
    Spring 2019: Delay game again. New release date for Holiday
    Holiday 2019: Release buggy game on Steam as an Early access game, promise some promises.
    Spring 2020: Everyone realizes game sucks, sale price on Steam.
    Holiday 2020: Keep game as early access but offer some gimmicks in hopes of drawing in some suckers.
    Spring 2021: Offer company for sale to EA. Tell employees they'll be happy there.
    Holiday 2021: If EA doesn't buy, fire employees, write self a bonus check then file for bankruptcy.
    Spring 2022: Start over from scratch with a new indie dev name. Get kickstarter fund going. Graphics = great game so promise great graphics and start cycle over again.
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    lol trippin much? chill. :p

    I was almost sure creed used new Unity engine, not Anvil..my bad.

    last time I saw info about this PAMELA it used Unity., think it was posted in guru3d news too, dunno like 1-2yrs ago.

    But Im going to skip this one, was nothing special back then in video only shiny new Unity gfx..
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    Well, I mean there was an AC game called Unity. AC's Anvil engine has it's roots in CryEngine as far as I can remember. AnvilNext even more so.

    Either way, Anvil, CryEngine, UE4, or Unity, the only thing that matters is who's hands it's in. Unity has the capability to produce some great gfx in the right hands.
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    I must say that lighting looks very good in those screenshots.
    As far as game play goes, if feels like they just did not have idea what to actually do:
    - Zombies today for every game which does not have idea of its own: Check
    - Open world to add random and repetitive stuff to slow progress instead of real content: Check
    - Survival instead of strife for life: Check

    But on other hand I like tech player uses. Sadly It is all tech being mastered by one person.
    Sad, because specialization and multiplayer would have great potential in this game. But it is single player experience only.

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