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Overlay not working in Rocket League

Discussion in 'Rivatuner Statistics Server (RTSS) Forum' started by gnaLor, Nov 14, 2018.

  1. gnaLor

    gnaLor New Member

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    gtx 1060 6GB
    I'm using RivaTuner for Rocket League with HWInfo. Version 7.0.2 worked flawless, but 7.1.0 and up (including Beta) doesn't show the overlay ingame. Tried all the RivaTuner settings in many combinations, launched it as Admin etc., without results. Anything else I can do?

    It still works without any problems in other games like Dota 2.
    I hope this will eventually get fixed (starting to lose hope though). As a workaround I'd love to downgrade to 7.0.2, but I can't find it anywhere. Does anybody have a link to it?

    I'm on Windows 10, fully updated, i7-7700HQ, GTX 1060.
  2. Astyanax

    Astyanax Ancient Guru

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    GTX 1080ti
    tried enabling Stealth?

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